What's up Wednesday

Fact or fiction?

1. I love meetings.
2. I have never seen the movie Ghost
3. I paint my nails every Sunday night so they're fresh for the week.
4. I have 53 pairs of shoes in my collection.
5. I have never seen an episode of Seinfeld
6. I need to re-read books because I have a horrible memory.
7. I have already packed up my work clothes for the year, I'm that over it.
8. I could eat sushi for every meal but thought it was gross the first time Annie introduced us to it in university.
9. I used to dress my brother up as a girl.
10. I have never been to Mexico.


  1. 1) Fiction
    2) Fiction
    3) Fact
    4) Hmmm...fact?
    5) Fact
    6) Fiction
    7) Fact
    8) Fact
    9) Fact
    10) Fact

    Great idea for a post!!

  2. 1. Fact (maybe?)
    2. Fact
    3. Fact
    4. Fact or is it more....
    5. Fact
    6. Fact
    7. Fiction
    8. Fact
    9. Fact
    10. Fiction

  3. 1. Fiction
    2. Fact
    3. FAct
    4. Fiction
    5. Fiction
    6. Fiction
    7. Fact
    8. Fact
    9. Fact
    10. Fact

    I feel like I should be more confident on these... but I'm not!

    Hope you'll post the answers!

  4. 1. Fiction (unless they have beer at them)
    2. Fact (but you have seen P.S. in Dirty Dancing)
    3. Fact (I don't know how your nails look so good if you don't)
    4. Fiction (I feel like there should be more)
    5. Fact ("No Soup For You!" You won't get that because you haven't seen it.)
    6. Fact (but you only keep the REALLY good ones to re-read like Harry Potter)
    7. Fact (I can totally see you sporting your summer gear during finals)
    8. Fact (Yeah Thursday!)
    9. Fact (Seriously, if you had a younger brother and didn't do this, you were NOT cool!)
    10. Fiction (seems to me you went on a Simair-cation there)

    As I read through my list, I feel like there are too many facts. I didn't look at the other three lists, because I didn't want to be influenced! Can't wait for the results!

  5. Just re-read my list. #2 was supposed to read fiction. Please change that in my official entry.

    Is there a prize for the winner? LOL

  6. 1. lie
    2. crazy but true
    3. crazier but true
    4. lie - you probably have double that!
    5. smart true
    6. true but you like them that much too.
    7. big true
    8. true
    9. cruel but true
    10. you were in the mayan that's mexico right?


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