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Willis' ball season from beginning to end

Willis's first season of ball is already come and gone and I'm very pleased to have seen a love for the sport develop in my little boy.
We watch the Jays play almost 90% of their games (and by watching I mean that the T.V is on in the background as we go about our night time routines). This is the only time during the week that the T.V is on in our house and I'm happy to see that it's not something that he needs and/or relies on.  He can be easily distracted with other constructive activities; even if we're reading in the other room or having bedtime baths, Willis will run downstairs to check the score and see what's happening but will quickly come back to his previous task.  
He could easily be a commentator with his updates on the count.  So there's no surprise then to know that he can recite their starting lineup and often days later, can tell you what the score was and who hit well.
I LOVE that he has a love for the game.  I enjoy every minute of catch …

the first of many days

Willis had his kindergarten orientation yesterday. I may have teared up. More than once.
Willis may have as well.  But only because the big kids came.
We had a special day planned for him: a lunch date with mom and dad.  Dad let him choose the restaurant.  He specified he wanted chicken fingers from the restaurant with the train that has no wheels. Interesting.
On the way to SFS, Willis and I were having a good chat in the car about his daddy.  I said something along the lines of Dad being pretty smart.  He slyly replied with ya, he's pretty.
I agree.
The afternoon in kindergarten went pretty well. He had learned earlier in the day how to address his teacher and was pretty pumped.  He also felt the need to inform EVERYONE he encountered that it was his first day of kindergarten.
He did well until the big kids came (care partners), and I saw him being brought into the gym with his teacher, trying to hold back tears.  He wanted his mommy to come with him.
So Dan sat through the mee…

A little math for you

Deena+ exhaustion = grouch = unable to hold a conversation let alone blog. Deena + beer= slightly more relaxed- the apparent fatigue caused by onslaught of ball games in heat x minutes spent sprinting after balls (or legging out in the park home runs- the time I slipped over first and fell but still managed to make it into a home run) = a lot of fun, yes, but sleep must now come first/ but really beer does.
So I'll have my beer.
How about you look at the photos instead of a lovely lively weekend.

it's so near....

one week of work left......
Summer is so close, I can almost touch it.
It feels like soft grass beneath bare feet and warm sun on the body.
It smells like freshly mowed lawn, ripe nectarines and 5 minutes after a rain shower.
It sounds like Willis and Lucia giggling as they play in the pool and crickets chirping into the night as I read until dusk on the patio.
It tastes like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, crumbled on ice cream, topped with nectarines and a nice cold Corona.
It looks like everything my heart, soul and body have been yearning for all year: relaxation, time with my family and peace.

Bring it on, summer...I'm waiting.

Have a lovely weekend!

Some early marking...

1. I love meetings. Fiction. I'm too ADHD for meetings. I hate sitting and talking. I want to DO.
2. I have never seen the movie Ghost Fact. Not even once. Someday, sure.
3. I paint my nails every Sunday night so they're fresh for the week. Fact-I also drink Red Wine.
4. I have 53 pairs of shoes in my collection.Fiction. More like 62.
5. I have never seen an episode of Seinfeld Fact. I barely even caught on to Friends when it was in, but once I got into it I loved it
6. I need to re-read books because I have a horrible memory. Fact. I'm currently rereading Open House  by Elizabeth Berg. I have no recollection reading this book probably 7 years ago. Can be fun but annoying as well.
7. I have already packed up my work clothes for the year, I'm that over it. Fact. See point one. So over it.  In fact, I'm trying to find a way to dress up Lulus for tomorrow.
8. I could eat sushi for every meal but thought it was gross the first time Annie introduced us to it in univers…

Fact or fiction?

1. I love meetings.
2. I have never seen the movie Ghost
3. I paint my nails every Sunday night so they're fresh for the week.
4. I have 53 pairs of shoes in my collection.
5. I have never seen an episode of Seinfeld
6. I need to re-read books because I have a horrible memory.
7. I have already packed up my work clothes for the year, I'm that over it.
8. I could eat sushi for every meal but thought it was gross the first time Annie introduced us to it in university.
9. I used to dress my brother up as a girl.
10. I have never been to Mexico.

A Dad's Day

Our Father's Day celebrations seem to follow a trend.  It's usually a laid back day, reflective of the laid back type of Dad that Dan is.  I make a good effort to get some great pics of Dan and the kids and then we usually take a trip to P.A to visit our Dad's as well, because really, what's a Father's Day without visiting the great men in our lives?

Last years pics: 

This year we celebrated at both our parents' places.  It was a fantastic day of sun, hot dogs, baseball and fun.  I really couldn't have asked for a better day.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful dads and our children are even more fortunate to have such great role models to look up to.  They LOVE their Grandpas!

a shared love of photos.

I love photos.
Before the digital era, I had piles upon piles of photo albums (that I'm slowly converting to digital). Every great moment was carefully documented. See here for proof.
And then came the digital camera and now I have files upon files of photos.
I love looking at our old albums that mom has in her basement. I also love thieving some pictures to keep as keepsakes. Then I started am I to share these photos with my children? I'm sure they'll be just like me and want demand that their childhood be well documented.

So, for Lucia's first birthday I made her a photobook/diary. I told stories, I shared pictures and some of my favourite moments and reflections on our year with her. Now that we've celebrated her 2nd birthday, I also made her a photobook, but just scaled down a bit. Basically, it's some of my favourite pictures from the year. It'll be something that she can proudly hold on to, along with the videos, to prove to her …

June 14. That Day.

Dear Kelly,
I need to start by saying that I miss you every single day and that eleven years (today) have been far too long to have you absent from our lives. That being said, I have also spent 11 years remembering you, honouring you, but mostly desperately wishing you were still here.

There are so many moments that I've wanted to share with you because only you would understand how freaking hilarious or ironic they were.
There are so many times when I have wanted to call you, just to hear your voice.  That laughter.  That smile that could radiate even through a phone.

But in reality, we are left with only the memories, so I turn to the letters you wrote me, carefully tracing the words that your hands penned, which are so distinctly yours.  I open up my folder of pictures on the computer that I have been adding to gradually, or I look through the photo albums, soaking up the volumes you could write on the back of the smallest of photos.  I put in my VHS memories just so I can see…


Aren't the best nights the most simple of nights?

The Willis

Yesterday Dan and I were beyond exhausted. Lucia had us up on Sunday night until 3 am, that little party animal. 4 hours sleep is never sufficient for me, so I was hurting. All. DAY. Long.
In hopes of saving time and energy, I was questioning the kids on what we should have for supper (secretly hoping they'd say something easy).  Lucia, the birthday girl, would normally have the choice as that's what we do on birthdays, but seeing that she's two and all she was wanting was "candy" (she also then proceeded to sing Happy to you), I decided maybe Willis could make the call.

With my fingers crossed behind my back, wishing he'd say something easy and quick and delicious, like Subway or A&W,  I asked: "Willis what do you think Lucia wants for supper? Should you go get her A&W?"
He thought this over for a couple minutes and then decided: "No, Mom, I'm trying to save my money."

hmmmm....I see Dan is getting through to him after all...…

Lucia is 2

Today we celebrate two years of loving Lucia, which seems strange to say that it has only been that long when it feels like forever she's been in our lives.  Along with the gift of children, comes the gift of unconditional love, of forever having a piece of your heart walking around before you, of experiencing fear, heartaches, joy and complete bliss sometimes all in the same day.
Lucia, you are a blessing in our lives and have enriched the world that we know.
Happy 2nd bday, sweetheart!

In a New York state of mind.

In the majority of special events in life I like to take some time to reflect.  I find it to be a useful tool for me in examining the good points, to help me learn from the bad but mostly to fully appreciate the experience that I was given. 
My recent New York trip was like none other; it was quality time spent with my mom and sister while enjoying a wonderful city that is different every time I visit it. 
I would encourage you to take a chance on New York. It is surprisingly clean, friendly and easy to navigate and now that I've been there a couple times, I'm becoming even more efficient at managing my time while visiting. I really don't think this will be my last trip to New York because I usually start craving it every couple of years. There's something about that city that gets me every time...... Here are some of my favourite pics and a quick video, documenting our adventures. Have a most wonderful weekend!  

New York from Dee on Vimeo.

A little bit of this and that

I had intentions of blogging from my laptop in NY, but when I went to turn it out, I found that my power cord was broken. Stupid security and luggage handlers.  So I had to do quick blogs from my phone- so annoying. A couple extra things that I neglected to include: 1- We had MANY celebrity sightings on this trip.  Our list includes: Marlo Thomas (mom was super pumped about this one..Kyla and I had no clue who she was until she informed me she was Rachel's mom on Friends), some top 10 contestant from American Idol. Asian. Guy. I don't watch that show, so again it was mom being giddy. And lastly, my favourite, Troy (Donald Glover) from Community.... he was actually on our flight and I locked eyes with him.  I wish I would have been on the ball instead of awestruck and sung: "Troy and Ahbed in the moooorning".  
2- I did manage to take some video and will be working on a compilation to hopefully debut on Friday's blog.  But I'm also battling a pile of correcti…

The NYC finale

Our last travel day of adventure we won't against our normal Park-isms and didn't plan a thing. I know- crazy, hey. I can hear Dan gasping from here. I'm a planner, Kyla's a planner and mom's a planner. It is so deep rooted in my soul that there likely isn't a minute of my day that isn't on agenda. Being a teacher doesn't help this. Another thing deeply rooted- the inability to be late for something. I hate being late and prefer to be early for being early.
Anyway- today was a play it by ear day- mostly because the weather was rainy to start with. It was refreshing to go with the ebb and flow of the city vibes, hoping on a hop on hop off bus at various stops. It was pouring off the bat and we were cold and soaked so naturally our first stop was a shoe store.
It only made sense.
After we were cozy dry, we made our way back on the bus and to the World Trade Memorial. It's crazy how much has been built on that site, among it 2 beautiful waterfall pool…

Travel day 4

I'm losing track of our days....
When Kyla, Sara and I went to NYC 4 years ago, we had 3 full days. It was good but a little rushed. So this trip we decided to have 4 full days. I'm glad we went with this, it feels just right.
Yesterday we learned and had a fantastic educational tour en route to Harlem on the Harlem Spiritual tour. The history of manhattan was covered and we ended at a Pentecostal mass which was so very different to anything I've ever lived. Singing, dancing, tambourines....
Next we went to Sister Act- more singing, dancing and joy joy joy! It was a good musical. Godspell is still hands down the best I've ever seen.
Our evening was spent giving mom a wardrobe overhaul at Macy's à la what not to wear.... Lots of giggles there.
Finally we did the Empire State building at night- a first for me- seeing the city lit up just added to its beauty. We ended the night at a fantastic French brasserie, les Halles, once again at 11pm.
Today is our last full …

Travel day 3

If Friday was a day to pay homage to the shopping gods, then Saturday was easily the day spent with the gods of art. We spent the good part of the day gawking at monets, manets, picassos, van goghs and renoirs.
It was like a dream seeing all the original paintings from works I have admired much of my life. Highlights? 1-The two girls at the piano by renoir. This hung in my piano teacher's studio where Kyla, rob and I spent much of our childhood.
2- Starry Starry nights by Van Gogh- also another all time fave.

We also decided to break up our day with a pedicab tour of Central Park. It was a beautiful day in New York and the Park was packed with people enjoying life. We even got to witness a proposal and a wedding. Quite lovely!
Other excitement in our day was the huge toy store, FAO Schwartz where I got Willis a backpack for kindergarten and Lucia a 2nd bday present.
Another great stop was Rockefeller Centre where we went to Top of the Rock and enjoyed a cupcake or two from Mag…