3 purple lies

What I did

Sometimes I need a whole lot of nothing in the weekend to get me feeling back on par.
My body was telling me I desperately needed sleep- grieving is exhausting, as is parenting. So between the couple weeks that I wasn't sleeping properly and then the night on Friday when Lucia decided to be up until 3am- sleep was what I needed and sleep was what I got.
On a side note,I totally admire the parents who can keep on trucking when they aren't rested-I never fell into that category. And unfortunately when I'm up all night- my next day's plans are usually placed on the back burner. But that was fine this weekend because I really needed to take a step back and relax.
I guess the rain helped too.
The highlight of my weekend was Sunday. We had a morning breakfast playmate with the besties and the kids as Christy was in town. Time with my friends was much needed and made me feel a whole lot better. To top my day off- my sister and I went for a walk in the rain Sunday night and it was beautiful. Wet, but beautiful and it felt great to chat with her- laying out all my frustrations and observations.
So a weekend of relatively nothing was just what the doctor ordered and I really am feeling now that my perspective is back and I'm ready to tackle my week full force!
Happy Monday.