3 purple lies

a wedding long weekend

We took to the hills on Friday to celebrate Chris and Marina's wedding at Elkridge.  I was really looking forward to this weekend for many reasons:
1- a weekend away with my family.  This didn't disappoint as I was needing a break from everything- technology, school work, house work.....you name it.
2- witnessing the marriage of Marina and Chris.  Probably one of the most moving ceremonies that I've ever seen.  Sun shining, skies, blue, a beautiful outdoor backdrop and a very touching celebration of love.  I have seen Marina as a sister for a very long time so I'm glad that's it official now!  I had the privilege of doing their video- so stay tuned for a sneak peak later this week.
3- Having Josh home from London and meeting his girlfriend, ValĂ©rie (from Belgium).  They came in Thursday night and spent two nights with us.  Val brought us chocolate and had my heart right from the get go.  We bonded over shoes and makeup on Friday night and I can say that I definitely look forward to spending the summer with her and Josh.  Josh seems so happy and we are just so grateful to have him home again.

to finish off the post, here are some of the pics that were snapped.....

Kinsey the breakfast thief
mid afternoon ball game.  Willis ADORES his uncle Kevin and had a fantastic time playing with his other "older uncles" who freakishly resemble Papa. 

Love this pic- had to include it. 

Introducing Val to my family.  They loved her too, even though she towers over us at 6 foot 3.
Relaxing, quiet evenings at the cabin
Bright sunshine filled mornings with coffee on the deck and happy, smiley children
Lucia didn't sleep well, unfortunately for us. This made for an extra LONG weekend.  The only way I could get her from screaming on Sunday night at 1 am was to put her to sleep in Mommy's bed.

The beautiful Golightly family

Ma and Pa
Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Dan and I together (except for the professional photos)....he was so busy being the best man and I was busy chasing my rugrats.  I did manage to catch a couple pics on the iphone though....
the little flowergirl
wedding outfit 1.  I ended up with this dress for the ceremony and then changed for the reception
Willis' drawing of Coco
My favourite memory of the weekend.  It was simply a stop at FatBurger in PA on the way through but it was a good little family moment.  The kids were getting along so well-which any parent knows is a give or take....