Things that make me smile

by - May 01, 2012

I was wanting to post about my second lesson but I need a break.  I'm feeling emotionally exhausted to go deep into my thoughts again and I also need to do some research before tomorrow's post.
Instead, I shall focus on what is currently making my smile:
1- my first outdoor run this season.  After many excuses, I finally hauled ass outside and completed 5km with only 4 little walk breaks in 40 minutes.  Not bad, not excellent but will do because it's a start and it made me feel good when I was getting frustrated.
2- Big screen TVs.  I have no clue why our huge TV has been sitting in our basement, practically unused as we rarely go down there.  We switched the two and now I can enjoy my Blue Jays on le big screen.
3- Wine.
4- Flowers, flowers and more flowers.  Between my birthday and Grandma's funeral, I have received more bouquets of beautiful flowers than I know what to do with- except I do know what to do with them because my house is festooned with bright blooms.   Gotta love the thoughtful people in my world.

5- 8 more weeks of work until summer break.
6- Cute kids.  Even when they push me, they are the best remedy for sadness.  Get Lucia giggling and there's no way a smile can't take over your face.  Or see Willis' beautiful eyes twinkle at you will melt your heart.
Have a beautiful Tuesday.

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Have a lovely day!