3 purple lies

These are a few of my favourite things

My wedding day and the day my children were born will go down as the most memorable days in my lifetime, I'm sure.
That's really a no brainer.
If I could get married again, (to Dan obvs) I would do it in a heartbeat and I love attending weddings because listening to the homilies or whatever always give me a sense of renewal in my own commitment to my most wonderful, caring, loving and handsome husband.
Same goes for babies.
I love being around my pregnant friends - or sister for that matter.  There's a certain glow of unconditional love, a recognition of the wondrous (scary) things that are happening in your body, the adventure (fear) behind all the unknowns.  To feel a little being kick and move around in your belly is probably one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced.  Hence my current obsession with  my little sister. (Clearly I'm always with her anyways and love her to bits, but it kinda helps her rank in my life now that she will give me my second niece or nephew to oogle over)
Pregnancy is beautiful and excruciatingly horrible all at once.  Don't even start me on how much I admire all ye preggers out there- it's oh, so exciting!
I went to see What to Expect when You're Expecting last night. GREAT movie! It definitely repeated some mantras I've had on replay in my mind....family is everything and kids are really the only thing we leave behind...
To celebrate Kyla's pregnantness this past weekend, we ventured on a photo shoot- me behind the camera for a change (usually Kyla is the captor and I'm the editor).  These are a few of my favourites. To see more, visit parkography.blogspot.com

Kinsey would NOT pose or smile for the camera...but give a girl some shoes......

I feel like Kyla should have some anchor and I heart mom tattoo in this one. She looks buff.

My favourite part of this is the bright green grass that's painting the picture in the foreground.  Also the red tulips. I heart spring.

Lighting was ideal in this corner of the house. And Kyla wore my favourite pants.  I think it would be funny to do the exact same pose but with Robbie and the word beer.

Candids are always my favourite
I love the colours in this picture and Kyla's makeup.

Okay, no lies. My favourite part of the shoot was making her wear different pairs of shoes and then incorporating them into the pictures. I should be a shoe photographer.

All of this screams Scotland. From the tartan dress to the jumping poses that I would make Kyla and Robbie do

I love the lighting and the pose. And the shoes.

I seriously love this one. I really feel like I need to frame it.

Oh Kinsey is so sweet.