The point

by - May 03, 2012

Although no one is really a huge fan of aging, there are some good things that come with it in the lessons we are constantly learning each day.  Whether I am realizing these things by observation, words from friends or experience of others, I do know that I'm at a point in my life that I'm quite comfortable with who I am and am not too hard on myself anymore.

These are the things I know for sure:

That when I get overtired, sleep needs to be first priority over everything (except my children, obvs)
That it took a long time to learn how to say no without feeling guilty.
That I can only control me and that I don't need to be around people who bring me down.
That I need an element of faith in my life.
That I can easily become very busy with everything I want to do and that sometimes, I need to take a step back and go back to the basics to slow down the pace. Keep it simple.
That a smile is the best outfit I can wear, but a great pair of shoes or a killer dress comes in close second.
Sometimes a good vent to a friend is all I need.
My family and friends are essential to my emotional/mental health.
That I should not waste time worrying about things I can't control and that are out of my reach.
 That all this rainy weather is making me remember a year ago in Scotland.....

That I need a break from blogging: I'm far too emotionally/mentally drained to put anything of valor up here, so I won't even waste your time. 
have a lovely weekend, see you Monday.

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