3 purple lies

The one where Willis really plays ball

When you have a baby, your life is filled with firsts and it seems like the table is constantly covered in baby books, photographs and video cameras- making sure we document every last ounce of their cute, chubby baby-self.
Eventually that baby starts growing up  and those firsts are fewer and further between.
Last week we got to experience a first from our not so little baby: his first ball game.
Momma was all ready: video camera in hand, camera strung around the neck, itching to document this event.
But then the coach couldn't make it.  So Momma stepped up and coached Willis' first ball game herself.  Hence the lack of photos, but wealth of great memories.
And my boy didn't disappoint.
First at bat?  Home run.
Grounder to short?  Fielded it and threw it to first.
High fives at the end of game?  Too shy.
Time to go home?  Nope.  Started crying.
When asked if he had fun?  He decided he hated it.

Yup, raising a kid definitely has it's ups and downs, and sometimes you can experience them all within an hour.
But sweet, sweet memories were created and my boy loved the game, which leaves me a very happy Momma who is so proud of her little Bautista.

On a side note, as Lucia is just turning 2, I'm starting her formation to ball playing love early too....


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