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Lucia's world

Dear Lucia,
I write this on my phone as you dose peacefully on my shoulder. You've had a rough week of bedtimes with me and it has resulted in an extra edgy, over tired and irritable momma. I tried really hard not to take it out on my students today. Why is it that for everyone else you go to sleep in a flash but when momma is rocking you, you don't let me put you down until you're fast asleep??
I suppose someday I'll miss these precious cuddly moments, so I shall soak it in.
This past weekend you were a flower girl for your Uncle Chris and Aunty Marina's wedding. I was a bit nervous for you as you get shy in big crowds and had a rather long aisle to walk down. But my girl, you rocked it! You burst out of the door with such innocence and life and made your way, more or less, to where you were suppose to be. The crowd didn't intimidate you, but rather it fueled you. I'm so excited to see what kind of little girl you are going to be as you continue to surprise me in everything you do.
Your daddy was waiting for you at the end of the aisle and man, were you pulling at his heart strings. Daddy's little girl you most definitely are.  And me? I was behind the video camera capturing every priceless moment.
This is what I got of you (without previewing too much of a video that Chris and Marina haven't see yet)


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