3 purple lies


TODAY'S GOAL: Make someone smile.

My quasi-lilac bush decided today would be the day to open up- I had to capture it on film.  I'm going to try to take pictures of it each day to see how much it changes.
Any Anne of Green Gable fans?  That's a series I really need to read as it's a favourite to so many special people in my life, including my Grandma Diehl.
Fact. Did you know that my middle name is Anne?  My mom's middle name is also Anne and my Grandma chose it because of her favourite book.

There. Did I make you smile, mom?
Goal accomplished.


  1. bien oui! mais je ne crois pas que tu n'as pas lire anne of green gables! get with it!

  2. Wow! My middle name is Anne 'with an e', too because my mom also loved the Anne of Green Gables books!
    Shelley F.


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