3 purple lies

Deena, the teacher

By day, I am a teacher.
I'm not going to lie, my job isn't a job that has me thinking about it 24/7, excitedly planning out units, anticipating corrections or even looking forward to the next day for that matter.  It's a good job, I enjoy it but right now it's more about survival than anything.  There is just too much to do during a teaching day and still have to manage a family after the bell rings.  To say I feel like I'm in way over my head is an understatement.  In fact, I'm feeling so swamped that I will be cutting back hours next year.  I still like it and the students make me smile everyday, but it feels like it's been a really long time since I've actually be excited about teaching.  In fact, lately with budget cuts and the lack of support from people- I've even been feeling cynical about education.  And I'm completely not that type of person.

Anyway.  Point of this post.....
Until now.
I think I may have found something that will keep these wheels turning for a couple more years, at least.  My professional development goal for this year was to go as paperless as possible and part of that was becoming more "technological".  I love social media, I love techie stuff so this was perfect for me.
It's been so great and I've been feeling so inspired, that I'm actually giving a session at our PD day on Friday in hopes of bringing our team up to par with the students, social media wise.

So today, I thought I'd give a couple new ideas a go.  Normally, I assign a novel in my language courses but I simply ran out of time this year.  As an alternative, I had my grade 9s chose a french novel and read some of it in class one day.  On the second day, they had to tweet as they read.  If students didn't have a smartphone with a twitter account, then they did it low-tech style on paper with pencil. The kids tweeting from phones used a hashtag so I could follow their tweets and I even put a live stream up on the overhead so they could see what others were doing.  I had a blast and they weren't complaining- so it was a success in my books!

There are so many more ideas that I'm looking forward to trying in the next couple weeks before we wrap things up with finals review.  It feels great to feel refreshed and revived and to have some new ideas.  It also helps having a great teacher friend in Regina to be inspired by so merci beaucoup Mme. Bowes.
I know that it is so important to love what you do in life, so here's to finding something I love and integrating it into something I do.

now just to figure out a way to factor in my shoe addiction and la vie est belle!