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Another first for Will: the dentist

From Daddy:

The first time we tried bringing Willis to the dentist he had just turned two and it didn’t go so well.  One look at the dentist with his mask on was the end of the trip.
This time around we tried prepping him and told him all about the nice dentist and what he was going to do.  I used the tooth brush and pretended to be a dentist and Willis was really warming to the idea.  Pretty soon he was excited to go – and just in time with the appointment the next day.  Then I mention the dentist has some pretty helpers.  Willis is still ok with things.  Then I tell him they are called “dental hygienists”.  That didn’t go well.  I’m not sure what he figured that meant but we were back to square one.
But at the dentist’s office, when Willis discovers a dental hygienist truly is not a horrible three eyed purple slobbering monster he agrees to stay.  Of course, once in the chair he discovers that he gets to wear shades and watch a tv on the ceiling (COOL!!!) he was a perfect gentleman. 
Now every night when I brush his teeth he reminds me how I’m supposed to be doing it because that’s how the dentist told him.


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