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One of those days.

Do you have ever those days, or those weeks for that matter where life doesn't stop raining on your parade? When stress keeps sneakily building itself up in the base of your back or in the depths of your shoulders?
Stress to me is anxiety, specifically I can't control.  Anxiety is something that is relatively new to me and basically started when I was expecting Lucia.  I'd get random (and always irrational) panic attacks over the littlest things; my heart racing, my mind wandering into unwanted terrain.  I hate them.
I feel like my week has definitely been....stressful?  The majority of time, I can manage the junk that is thrown my way- I've developed some breathing techniques and coping strategies to help me throw them.  But lately, I feel like I've been losing that battle; my inner crazy is winning.
Really, nothing out of the ordinary has happened to make me feel this way- but enough has to throw me off a bit.

Lucia had her appointment with the hormone specialis…

These are a few of my favourite things

My wedding day and the day my children were born will go down as the most memorable days in my lifetime, I'm sure.
That's really a no brainer.
If I could get married again, (to Dan obvs) I would do it in a heartbeat and I love attending weddings because listening to the homilies or whatever always give me a sense of renewal in my own commitment to my most wonderful, caring, loving and handsome husband.
Same goes for babies.
I love being around my pregnant friends - or sister for that matter.  There's a certain glow of unconditional love, a recognition of the wondrous (scary) things that are happening in your body, the adventure (fear) behind all the unknowns.  To feel a little being kick and move around in your belly is probably one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced.  Hence my current obsession with  my little sister. (Clearly I'm always with her anyways and love her to bits, but it kinda helps her rank in my life now that she will give me my second…

Chris and Marina get married

I love many things in life: beer on a warm summer's night, cozy pajamas and slippers on a cool day....the list goes on. But definitely one of the list toppers is witnessing the marriage of two people that I love. Last weekend I was honoured to be videographer to such an event. And if there's anything that I have learned so far, it's that video-ing and video-editing are very much a huge passion of mine. Combine that with my love for Chris and Marina and well this is what you get :

Great things come in small packages

Yesterday we gathered at the hospital to welcome a new life to our world: Bentley Dawn Hilbig.  Daughter of our dear friends Alynne and Mark, sister to Willis' buddy, Karter.  It was one of those moments that make you so grateful for the gift of life and the blessing of friends.  I look forward to the birth of my friends' children almost as much as I did my own....checking the phone obsessively to see if there is any news, snapping millions of pictures and oh-ing and aw-ing over the sweet new life that will take a place in our little circle.  Welcome, sweet Bentley, we can't wait to get to know you!

Lucia's world

Dear Lucia,
I write this on my phone as you dose peacefully on my shoulder. You've had a rough week of bedtimes with me and it has resulted in an extra edgy, over tired and irritable momma. I tried really hard not to take it out on my students today. Why is it that for everyone else you go to sleep in a flash but when momma is rocking you, you don't let me put you down until you're fast asleep??
I suppose someday I'll miss these precious cuddly moments, so I shall soak it in.
This past weekend you were a flower girl for your Uncle Chris and Aunty Marina's wedding. I was a bit nervous for you as you get shy in big crowds and had a rather long aisle to walk down. But my girl, you rocked it! You burst out of the door with such innocence and life and made your way, more or less, to where you were suppose to be. The crowd didn't intimidate you, but rather it fueled you. I'm so excited to see what kind of little girl you are going to be as you continue to surpr…

win wins

It is evident to me that it takes effort to build a relationship.  You must put the time in with people if you want to have a bond with them.  This was made clear to me growing up as I spent countless hours with aunts and uncles, creating lasting relationships.  The same with my Grandparents.  And I`m happy to see that this was something that was modeled by them as well.  So thusly, I continue this on with my children: encouraging time spent with their family and eventually friends.  I believe that strong relationships are one the supporting pillars in life and they need to be nurtured and fostered so that they have a chance to grow.

A couple times a month, Kyla takes the girls to P.A while Rob is working there.  It's a win-win situation if you ask me.  My parents get some quality time with Lucia while I get some one on one time with Willis.
Last night on our date night, we went for sushi, we cuddled on the couch and watched the ball game and we worked on Chris and Marina's …

a wedding long weekend

We took to the hills on Friday to celebrate Chris and Marina's wedding at Elkridge.  I was really looking forward to this weekend for many reasons:
1- a weekend away with my family.  This didn't disappoint as I was needing a break from everything- technology, school work, house name it.
2- witnessing the marriage of Marina and Chris.  Probably one of the most moving ceremonies that I've ever seen.  Sun shining, skies, blue, a beautiful outdoor backdrop and a very touching celebration of love.  I have seen Marina as a sister for a very long time so I'm glad that's it official now!  I had the privilege of doing their video- so stay tuned for a sneak peak later this week.
3- Having Josh home from London and meeting his girlfriend, Valérie (from Belgium).  They came in Thursday night and spent two nights with us.  Val brought us chocolate and had my heart right from the get go.  We bonded over shoes and makeup on Friday night and I can say that I definite…

Weekend choices

This weekend will be epic. First it's May Long which is always a treat. Secondly, we have a beautiful wedding to attend of my brother in law, Chris and the wonderful Marina. I can't wait to have her as a sister in law!
One of my favourite parts of wedding prep is choosing the outfit. I still have no clue what I'm going to wear, but I have choices.
Choices which are full of colour and life and joy- and that's exactly what I feel going into the weekend. Love and joy for the new beginnings presented to Marina and Chris!

this is what my outfit choosing scenario looks, accessories....everything

As you can see I have my work laid out in front of me.  Have a fantastic long weekend!

Another first for Will: the dentist

From Daddy:
The first time we tried bringing Willis to the dentist he had just turned two and it didn’t go so well.  One look at the dentist with his mask on was the end of the trip. This time around we tried prepping him and told him all about the nice dentist and what he was going to do.  I used the tooth brush and pretended to be a dentist and Willis was really warming to the idea.  Pretty soon he was excited to go – and just in time with the appointment the next day.  Then I mention the dentist has some pretty helpers.  Willis is still ok with things.  Then I tell him they are called “dental hygienists”.  That didn’t go well.  I’m not sure what he figured that meant but we were back to square one. But at the dentist’s office, when Willis discovers a dental hygienist truly is not a horrible three eyed purple slobbering monster he agrees to stay.  Of course, once in the chair he discovers that he gets to wear shades and watch a tv on the ceiling (COOL!!!) he was a pe…

5 things I would have done last night

Willis was in bed, asleep at 7:45 last night.  Lucia was in PA with Kyla, Robbie and Kinsey until 9.  Suddenly I found myself with time and a list of things to do.  But nothing got done.
This is what I would have loved to have done if I wasn't tied to the house:

1-Go for a rollerblade
2-Get sushi for supper
3-Pick up my pictures at Walmart
4-Take the dogs for a walk
5-Go see a movie with the girls and eat popcorn.

But instead I relaxed and sat on the couch while watching the Bachelorette.  I also prepped supper for tonight, tidied the house and read my this year's blogbook.  Willis and Lucia both profited from random cuddles as well.
It was a good night.  Sometimes I just need to sit down and relax and not put too much pressure on myself to get stuff done.  I guess that's one of the benefits of having children who go to bed early and a husband who was working out of town- it forces me to stay put and chill.   And that's never a bad thing.

Deena, the teacher

By day, I am a teacher.
I'm not going to lie, my job isn't a job that has me thinking about it 24/7, excitedly planning out units, anticipating corrections or even looking forward to the next day for that matter.  It's a good job, I enjoy it but right now it's more about survival than anything.  There is just too much to do during a teaching day and still have to manage a family after the bell rings.  To say I feel like I'm in way over my head is an understatement.  In fact, I'm feeling so swamped that I will be cutting back hours next year.  I still like it and the students make me smile everyday, but it feels like it's been a really long time since I've actually be excited about teaching.  In fact, lately with budget cuts and the lack of support from people- I've even been feeling cynical about education.  And I'm completely not that type of person.

Anyway.  Point of this post.....
Until now.
I think I may have found something that will keep…

Mother's Day happenings

Mother's Day this year was perfect.  Every single thing aspect was exactly as I would have wanted it had I planned it myself- minus the change of ball schedule resulting in an 8am ball game on Mother's Day, axing my sleep in plans.  But still, silver lining, it was a beautiful morning and I got my exercise in bright and early.
My parents and Gram were in town this weekend so we spent lots of really good time with them: we got things done in the yard and wow- did that feel good. Garden was weeded, potatoes and carrots planted, the pool was set up and filled, the deck scrubbed. Seriously, it was amazing.  And then to top it off Dan made an amazing turkey supper my family. I even got to spend some time with my mom, my Grandma and my sister at the greenhouse, enjoying the fragrant bouquet of fresh flowers and happily purchasing vegetables and plants for our year.  We even got to watch some of the Jays game.

I'm very pleased with my day yesterday and it has started my week off…