3 purple lies

What I got done

Easter break is done and gone and practically a distant memory as I head back to work this morning.  I know it was a great break because I was actually kinda excited to get back to work today (mostly because I felt like getting dressed up).  Although this logic makes absolutely no sense because really, if my break was that grande, then I wouldn't want to go back to work.  But, I know it was awesome because I'm so full of happy joy and bursting at the seams with productive energy.  That is what made it good for me: I was able to relax, enjoy myself, have some fun and still get things done.
Speaking of getting things done....at the beginning of the break I had made myself a wishlist...let's see how much was accomplished.

Things I'd like to do:
Finish Spring Cleaning the main floor (I did a closet last night...yay!)  DONE! and I even swept out the garage.  Now all that is left is the basement.
Finish operation scan photos  DONE! I'll post about this operation some other day.
Get some great workouts in   DONE! Not as many as I visualized, but some nonetheless.
Find a new cookbook as I'm getting a bit bored with the ones I've been cycling through for the past year DONE- I ordered the Dieticians' of Canada COOK book.  Kyla recommended and approved and start this week with a whole week of wholesome meals planned out.
Stay in my pjs all day I only managed to do half a day....

Things I'll likely do instead:
Go on a little trip to Toronto with Jordan to watch the home opener for the Jays. GREAT FUN!!!!!!!
Shop in Toronto Shoes, mint colour pants and two shirts.  Quite tame, if you ask me.  Oh, and a Blue Jays' hat- which I love.
Drink beer and eat stadium hotdogs The stadium hotdogs were actually a disappointment- the beer, perfect.  We also had stadium popcorn and pizza. Not all at once, of course.  This was spaced out over 2 games.  OH, and we had a hotdog vendor hotdog which was perfect.
Enjoy meals without having to feed someone else and have the luxury of actually sitting down and enjoy myself. Probably one of the best parts of this trip- although most of our meals were eaten in the stands while watching ball- which was just as enjoyable as our sushi stop.
Make a music video I could barely wait to get home an do this.
Do some video editing. Not accomplished, unless you count the Toronto video.  I did however, do some photoediting and I read a lot and did tons of baking.

All in all this was a most glorious break and I'm ready to attack a very busy upcoming couple of work weeks with report cards due and a crapload of correcting.  Plus ball practices and birthday parties and spring flowers to be dreaming about.
It truly is a beautiful life!

Happy Monday.