3 purple lies

What 33 looks like


and 32
and 31

 and why not 30?

I may be getting older, but I'm definitely still feeling like a kid at heart.  I had some things I wanted to post about tonight, but I'm exhausted (clearly an aftershock of turning 33).  I'll wax the poetic stylings sometime next week.
Instead, why don't YOU have a fabulous, sunshine filled weekend.


  1. You get more beautiful every year! Happy Birthday Dee! Love Ali

  2. Deena you look fabulous! I for one know you are still young at heart and never think of you as a 33 year old wife and mother of two; but a beautiful friend, great teammate and amazing role model. Don't let you age define you - you are only as old as you feel!

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday and a wonderful weekend!

    Love Kim

  3. And I actually DO think of you as my wife and mother of my two kids. You're beautiful every way.


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