The things we'll remember

by - April 26, 2012

Today and tomorrow I will gather with my family and remember a beautiful, loving Grandma.
This posted started as a list of things I wanted to jot down that I never wanted to leave my memory.  Words, smells, tastes; all things that will always remind me of my Grandma.  In the end, I thought it would be neat to include the cousins in on this and see what their precious memories are too.
So here you go, this is for you Grandma.
Deena will remember:
pizza buns
chocolate chip cookies in the freezer
Christmas tree set up year round
A love of painting
the smell of Mary Kay extra emollient night cream
the way she'd natter around the house, always cleaning, working, cooking...
the taste of Marcelin water and how there was always that orangey drink in the fridge.
planting potatoes in the summer in her huge garden
playing around the old shack that was near that garden and wanting so desperately to break in.
The way she'd yell at grandpa when his hearing aids were turned down. Willie. WILLIE!
The way she would kiss you by putting both hands on your cheeks.
The way her knee high stockings would fall down to her ankles when she was dancing.

Rob will remember:
Having french conversations
Hair salons
Christmas cooking
Christmas trees
Curling up next to the fake fireplace
Big kisses and hugs in the entrance.

Kyla will remember:
the different coloured knit slippers kept in the closet in the salon
the smell of the same hairspray in that brown bottle kept in the salon
the ticking of the clock in the kitchen
the hugs given when you would come to the house and when you were leaving
the way she would hold your hand
her little white bike she would ride
the way she would say grandpa's name
her rocking in her rocking chair
the big garden in the back behind the house
the aprons she would wear when cooking
that yellow and white plastic chair in the basement set up for santa
the way her and grandpa danced
the smell of buns baking
apple pie (wasn't her trick to bake it in a paper bag?)
her faith
how she would set the table when we would have lunch with her
the hats she would wear when we went camping

Tracy will remember:
painting my house,
pizza buns,
eating her frozen Christmas
the Christmas tree in the basement.
Granny going to visit my 2 pound baby every day because I was afraid to love her.  Grandma said: now Tracy, you go there and love little Phoenix, she is not going to leave you  Thank you Grandma
I all so remember many summers out there when we were kids. Chris and I pulling all her carrots and hiding them in the trailer. Well we thought we were rabbits and had to wash them and peel them: she loved to have the two of us help her for a change.
I will miss giving her kisses, hugs and most of all her talks.
I will miss the advice and how much even though I drove her crazy,  Granny you were an amazing lady and we will miss you forever. I will, however never miss sprouts; they went into my pockets every meal
xoxo I heart you grandma

FromQuaid : playing cards with Nanny Pockets, she let me have as many cookies as I wanted. She loved to magically make me any thing for lunch and it was so good. I liked to tell her jokes she laughed. I feel happy nanny pockets I loved our time together. I now you are in heaven talking to
all you family. Miss and love you, Nanna

From Taelynn
playing cards and she told me to watch out for Pappa Pockets he cheats. I loved her buns and all the cookies. Nanny Pockets I will go to my meet this weekend and for you I will place top three. I miss your kisses, you had soft skin. Phoenix said you went to heaven to teach cards to all our sisters. She said that its their turn to know you now Xo Nanny Pockets

Glenna will remember:
Learning how to knit booties for the kitchen chairs,
the hair salon,
raiding her garden and leaving empty pea shells in the rows and blaming it on Tracy!
Sleeping in the furnace room, (even with the creepy wheelchair)
watching home movies,
Christmas eve in the basement,
old lady hairspray,
homemade cookies hidden in ice cream pails in the freezer,
exploring the sugar shack with her and her stories,
playing cards.
So many great memories!

Tisa will remember:
Our Grandmother was the most amazing woman that I have ever known and was a blessing in not only my life but in the lives of everyone who knew her. She was appreciated and respected by everyone for who she was and what she did for others, thinking of the needs of everyone else before
herself. Growing up my most special times were spent visiting with Grandma playing cards, enjoying her home baked goodies, fresh veggies especially the peas from her famous garden, playing hairdresser in Grandma's shop and of course the most beautiful family Christmases when we all gathered together waiting for Santa. I think Grandma helped each one of us paint or renovate our homes to help us on our way in life.  But most recently, Gary, Andrew and I shared the most special and inspiring moments with Grandma for the boxing day week and were able to celebrate New Year's Day 2012! Grandma was her smiling joyful self, holding her life long partner, Grandpa Pocket's hand with the same sparkle in her eyes I remember from my childhood. What a special time knowing her Great Grandchild was also able to enjoy this day ...what a wonderful lasting moment in time for us all. Grandma always loved never forgotten ....truly blessed...

Lisa will remember:
I'm just laughing to myself remembering times when I ate supper at Grandma's and found pellets in my chicken! Or when she pulled off a great roast beef dinner, only to find out later that it was a moose!
Early memories include:
-definitely sleeping in that scary furnace room with all the humming and creaking sounds
-Actually sleeping in her bed with that slippery bed spread
-Christmas Eve Santa visits in the basement that seemed monstrous. The best Christmases I remember were always with Grandma and Grandpa
-Opening presents on the living room floor after mass
-Spending hours beautifying myself in Grandma's shop
-Her rough hair washes
-listening to her speak French with customers
-Grandma's 10 minute cat naps on the couch
-bottomless deep freeze
-blood sausage-yuck!
-Her ability to put together a delicious dinner for 10 drop-ins
-I still make her pizza bun recipe with pineapple and tomato soup as the base-kinda gross actually.
-moist chocolate cake with coconut on top
-endless chocolate chip cookies of course!
-Her amazing ability to remember everything and to always ask questions and show interest in what I was doing...oh Grandma, I miss you XXXXOOOO 

Chris will remember:
Grandma always buttered my toast right to the edge,
Grandma chasing me out of her shop from playing with the hair setter,
Grandma's home made buns,
Christmas tree in a bag,
Grandma's garden and all the pees I could eat!
The mystery deep freeze with anything you could ever want in it
Grandma taught me to knit coat hangers !
And I remember the furnace room!! Loved sleeping in there! 

Sarah will remember:
Grandma's bike with the basket and bell
How she made crazy carpets for us out of salt bags
The time I slept with her while Grandpa hunted, I put a glass of water by the bed to drink and she put her teeth in it!
The compassion she had when we would clean up the graveyard with her and Grandpa.
Riding the bus to her house after school.
She would pack tuna and relish sandwiches for my lunch and put them in a Drink don't Drive paper wine bag!! haha
Staying up till 10:00 on a school night and always eating ice cream before bed.
Watching Young and the Restless together
She would swear now and then and we would laugh and laugh at her when she did.

Devon will remember:
the endless card games,
unlimited cookies and orange tang
she would always have a smile on and couldn't stay mad.
a single glare and you knew what you did but then she'd have a smile back and she couldn't help but laugh.
she taught all of us the best aspects in life 

K.C will remember:
All the B.C trips and sleepovers
Her very sugary tang juice
Morning wake ups
She always made my food to my picky taste: grilled cheese with no cheese, toast with only butter and no crust, plain fruitloops and most stuffing with no own little dish
Going to her house and playing in the basement, it was Christmas year round
 Katie will remember:
cookies cookies cookies in the freezer,
Christmas in the basement,
the best buns in the world,
riding the "it's a small world" ride at Disneyland and loving it,
toast and jam for breakfast 


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  1. Fabulous idea. I love the diversity in the lists - even between yours, Kyla's and Rob's.

    Your Grandma sounds like an amazing woman. She definitely left a mark.

  2. Hi Deena
    Laura will remember:
    Her homemade remedies of oatmeal in a stocking for my eczema that made it all better
    Trying not to quiet during the Young and the Restless
    Frozen chocolate chip cookies
    Grandma and Grandpa coming to BC to babysit and letting me have multiple sleepovers
    Playing in her hair studio and letting me curl her hair
    Tying my hair in rags so i could have curls in the morning
    Her smile


Have a lovely day!