3 purple lies

The things I did instead

My muchly anticipated spring clean, phase 2 was only 10% completed this weekend. In fact, all I really did was weed out the books that I didn't feel I'd read again and well...that's about it.  No, wait.  I did put the screens on so that we could air out the house.  Too many exciting things were happening that got in the way.  For example.....
Friday after school I should've started my vacuuming, but mom, dad and rob were in town so instead we gathered at my place and had a lovely supper and cake to celebrate Rob's upcoming bday and his new job in Calgary.
At night, after all was said and done, I should've at least cleaned the fridge, but instead I snuggled up on the couch with my hubby, mom and dad and watched the Big Bang Theory.
Saturday morning I really should've started the dusting, but better things were calling: sunshine and the zoo. Man, was it busy!  Kyla and Robbie were working so we packed the family up and headed to the zoo.  The kids were so excited to have their uncle Robwiththemuscles and Grandparents around to even notice the crowds.  Or the cougars.
Saturday at noon while Lucia was napping and Willis was playing with mom, I should've washed the walls....but I napped instead.
Saturday afternoon I definitely should have cleaned out the pantry and cupboards, but it was so beautiful out that beer and the patio were calling.  We got out the backyard toys and all the kids were happy- especially the big ones with beer.
Saturday evening I really should have done my school corrections but Kyla and Rob wanted to go see a movie, which was sold out, so we went to McNally instead.
Then it was early to bed, because really, I wasn't starting my school work at 9 pm.

At least there was Sunday to get caught up?
It was Uncle Josh's bday.  He's currently living in Belgium, so we made a cake, went over to Chris and Marina's, skyped Uncle Josh and sang him his song and ate his cake (in front of him and his lovely gf, ValĂ©rie)
Then I really should have gone home to do school work, but Marina needed an outfit for her stagette, so we went shopping. Twist my rubber arm.....
And then when I came home I found Dan and Willis snug in bed, so I joined them and may have fallen asleep for another cat nap.
The afternoon was rainy- so I couldn't logistically clean when the floors would be getting dirty again, so we went and looked at showhomes instead.
And then when I could've gone home for supper and some corrections, we decided to go out with the Golightlys instead.

Yup, procrastination ruled my weekend.  But it left me feeling rested, loved, happy and very much closer to my family.  My house isn't any cleaner and my school work pile has not magically disappeared, but they aren't my priority right now.
It's all about the relationships and time bonding with special people for this chica right now.

And really, it doesn't get much better than that.
Especially when you can have beer on the patio while watching cute kids play.