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T-Summary and happy birthday, little brother

When I sat down to write this post last night, I thought of the many ways I could present our trip to you....
I could write about all the crazy things that Jordan and I did or the number of times we laughed at ourselves.  I could describe foods and places and clothing and shoes.  I could recall the 18 innings of ball we watched.
But in the end, I decided that I needed to explain first the whys of this trip.
At Christmas, Dan gave me the best present I have ever received: a trip for two for the Jay's home opener in April.  Now to me, this was the ultimate gift because it wasn't necessarily a material object, but rather an experience that I'd be able to live and breathe for the rest of my life.  To me, those are the best gifts.
When thinking about who to bring, the first thought was Willis and although I do adore my boy, part of me was also thinking of bringing a friend.  And what better friend to bring than Jordan: she loves ball, she can shop, she's a hoot, she needed a vacay and our friendship was in need of some serious time.  There's an old saying that says: it takes a long time to grow an old friendship.  I have many wonderful old friends (not just talking you, Candace) and I also have many newer friendships.  So I decided it was time I focus on one of my newer friends and forge a stronger bond.  Thus making this the ultimate gift for me.  I absolutely adore my husband.  Have I ever mentioned that?
The trip was all I could hope for and more.  It was a chance to grow closer to a friend with whom I find I have so much in common.  There were moments created that I will forever remember and hold dear to my heart.  It is opportunities like this that are the manna for my soul:  I need them to survive and to become a better version of me.
Coming home yesterday was a like a fresh new canvas...all my stressed out feelings were gone and I'd been given a new slate to start and to tackle my life with the zest and zeal I hope I would possess.
Thank you so much, Dan for the most thoughtful gift: it has revived your old, grouchy wife. :)

My highlights for this trip were compiled haphazardly on a list on the iPhone....
"What's wrong with those people- they are eating a salad at a ball game" -Jordan (followed by) "Are they seriously going to eat a bucket of chicken NOW? What's the point of the salad?"
"Twitter told me" or "The internet told me so" -Deena
Twice being told by retailers that my hair looked "professionally" blown.  Really? I barely combed it....
Being a part of the card stunt during the opening ceremony national anthems...

This list goes on....and now that I'm typing it, I realize that it likely means nothing to you...so I'll leave you with this video instead. It should give you an idea of the awesomeness of this trip.
Definitely doing this again someday with the rest of the ball loving girl gang!
Toronto from Dee on Vimeo.

and in honour of my sweet, beautiful, kind, loving, dorky, caring little baby brother who turns 20 something today.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are LOVED!


  1. Great video... looks like you girls had a blast.

  2. Great Video Deena!

    You and Jordan look like you had am amazing time!! And got some adorable outfits!! Can't wait to hear more about it at practice tonight!!

    Great gift Dan! Clearly one of the most thoughtful presents a ball loving lady could get!!

  3. WOW! What a fabulous video!! :) Is this from your Iphone, or did you have another camera?

    So Much Fun! Thanks for letting me stalk! ;)

  4. Loved the Video Deena! That is totally you and Jordan! Haha It was awesome. Looks like you two had a blast!!

  5. I can't stop watching the video! hahahaha! You rock!


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