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The one where Willis plays ball

It's no secret that I love ball.  I love to play, I love to watch, I even pay attention to stats and probably watch or at least listen to 96% of the 162 Jays' games in a season.
I'm starting to think that my passions are rubbing off on my son.  My new favourite activity to do with him is to play ball in the back yard...which is mostly me pitching and him hitting.  He's getting so good that there are more balls in our neighbour's yards than in ours. And that's with me pitching wind mill.  We definitely need to spend more time throwing and catching if he wants to work on his whole game.
It will be really interesting to see if, when he gets older, he shares the same passion that I grew up loving.
We have so much responsibility, as parents, to give our children the opportunity to live and breathe and to try out new things.  I find that I have to keep reminding myself that, oh yeah, you're not a kid anymore, you're the one in charge.  Make a game out it, make it fun for them because they will remember these moments for the rest of their lives.....just like I can vividly remember chasing foul balls in Shellbrook and Broadview on my Dad's tournaments and arguing with other kids about whose Dad was better or getting lessons from another coach when I was 10 on how to round the bases and how I had my name in the paper for hitting a home run or something and watching the Jays win the World Series at Joe's house.  I remember my first MLB game in Montreal, watching the Expos play and how my visit to Cooperstown (Baseball Hall of Fame) was probably one of the most exciting places I've ever seen.  Or how we'd watch A League of their Own a million times before provincials to the point that we knew it by memory.
All these memories are so precious to me and that's something that I can't wait to do for my children.

Will's 4th bday: sports theme
Dan even went to a Jay's game with me...circa 2007

then it was Lucia's turn

breastfeeding in this crowd= not much fun

Will's 3rd bday.

Willis' 4th bday

Getting Autographs from Luis Perez


  1. Deena,

    I think it is so special for you to have this bond with Willis. Not a lot of moms can bond with their sons through sport. I am sure his love for the game will continue to grow. And I know that the Elite will always be able to find someway for Willis to be involved in practice and during warm-up.

    Let's get serious though - I still know all the words to league of their own. And still watch it at least a couple of times during the season. Obviously this is going to be a girls night sometime soon!

    See you Thurday - have a great week!


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