A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Morning sun beams and coffee: what makes me happy

Saturday morning of this past weekend was one of those perfect days: the sun shone brightly and warmed a perfect spot on the couch for me.  I cuddled up with my coffee and watched the kids play happily in the front room.
Dan was working this weekend with one of their projects going into promotion, so I had more kid minding to do, but that was easily done as my kids have been exceptionally good as of late- and I'm fully prepared for a changing of tides in their behaviours during this "too good to be true" moment.  They are also quite capable of being little monsters- I'm sure it's just around the corner. (update-sure enough, I wrote this post on Sunday when life was grande.  Come Monday my little demonmonkeys were screaming like banshees in a monsoon. Which I'm assuming is when banshees scream. Whatever a banshee is).
Anyway, back to my sunshine.
It was a beautiful Saturday as Willis brought Lucia some nail polish because she wanted her nails "pretty".  He chose purple for her fingers and green for her toes.  She loved it.

By the time our lazy morning got wrapped up, it was time for Lucia to have a nap and Willis and I decided that it was time to go do some outside work.  Willis also decided he needed to practice his golf swing and set himself up to tee off in the front yard.  He also insisted that he knock on our neighbour's door to show him his golf swing.
I love this age right now for Willis because he's able to play independently when I need to get something done.  He also equally enjoys helping out and did some sweeping and then some bicycling around the garage while I cleaned up.
We spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for our late afternoon playdate and supper club with great friends.  Willis was so excited to hide some toys around the backyard for a treasure hunt.  I'm very happy we got some outside play in, having woke up to the polar opposite morning on Sunday with snow. Ew.
Supper club was a hit and I'm very happy to have that group of friends back together again.  We need to stay organized and keep our get togethers happening as I love watching our boys (and kinsey and lucia) bond and learn to play together.  In fact, after supper we sent the big boys into the basement unsupervised.  It was quiet for a bit, until Kyla ventured downstairs to be bombarded by boys who had been patiently hiding behind the couch.  They proceeded to chuck plastic balls at whomever came downstairs.   It was hilarious.
During outside play Willis organized a ball game and even tried getting Luke and Dylan to do a round (I think he meant to cheer) Luke and Dylan were quite confused.

the boys with the findings

"Come on, boys, let's do a round"

I think this is what a "round" looks like to Willis

organized chaos.

10 adults, 8 children.

Is Dylan checking out Kinsey or the tractor???


"I'm three"

A perfect day is just what I needed and I really think it is going to trickle into my week and whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, I'm going to remember that warm morning sunshine and all the great things we did.