What's up Wednesday

Easter chez nous

The men in the Park family took a mini-man vacation to celebrate RG's 30th bday.  They flew out to Vancouver for some golf, NHL action and beer.  Apparently a few too many beers for my hubby, but what can you do when you're a light-weight.  4 beer is all it takes to have him sleeping on the golf course the next morning.....

As for the girls and Willis, we headed for the Gateway to the North for some time with the mommabear.  We spent time playing, crafting, and taking a little road trip to Aunty Chris' farm to see that the Easter Bunny had took the time to hide some eggs for the little ones.  On top of a great Easter Egg chase, we also got to see Papa Pockets, Great Gramma, Grams and some cows and horses and have naps.  It was the perfect day. 

It was an unusual Easter, not having the men around, but it was nice.  I got to catch up with the Bells, watch some ball games and even get caught up on my corrections all the while not having to worry about cleaning my house or working on this and that. It was truly relaxing.
Now I'm off to Toronto to catch some live Blue Jays ball...watch for 2 crazy girls 6 rows above the Red Sox dugout in tonight's game.  We'll be sporting some bright pink, Elite style.
Have a great Monday!