3 purple lies

40 days

I am nearing the end of my 40 day challenge. It has been a really great tool in helping me see what really goes on in my day.
When it came down to it and I legitimately made time to work out everyday, I found that although I had less free time, I was happier.
I have lost 4 lbs and can't remember a time when I felt stronger and more powerful.
Well, except for after giving birth- that's a pretty wicked, kick ass feeling.
I've also never done so many situps in my life. They were an easy filler for the nights I couldn't get in a run or a walk.
All in all I think this experiment is a success and I've realized that I tend to take my health for granted and that getting in even the smallest workout can be invigorating.
Thanks for journeying with me and for all the motivation that was provided!