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Tv-less, a review

Back in October, we decided to cancel our subscription to cable tv. Our reasoning is that really, anything we watch is online and therefore why pay when I can stream for free?
Six months later, we have our cable tv back.
If I could watch all the Blue Jays games online then I don't think we'd have tv- but alas, mlbtv blacks out the Jays games- hence us getting our subscription back.
Tomorrow is the season opener for the Jays and I can't wait to start cuddling up with my boy and watching some ball. It has been a great activity that we can share together and one of he things I am most looking forward to this summer.
Willis and I have also started watching the amazing race together. It was cute to find him playing cars yesterday morning and to learn that he was playing amazing race.
I think it is so important to our bond that we have those special activities that we can do and something that we can remember in years to come.
Maybe Willis will be a ball fan like me, maybe we will get to go see the Jays play together, maybe we won't. Who knows. But right now I'm enjoying the fact that we have something that is uniquely ours.
Just as he runs to his daddy to wrestle- he discusses Jose Bautista with me.


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