What's up Wednesday

Top Ten Things that are making me smile right meow.

1. Spring-like temperatures, warm sunshine and melting snow.
2. Mint-Oreo blizzards
3. Lucia saying: "I. Love. You.  Momma" for the very first time 2 nights ago.
4. The thought of the wonderful spring cleaning bee that is coming to my house. It will be 3 weekends worth of cleansing.  One floor per weekend.  I've been dreaming of washing walls, baseboards, blinds, purging closets.....all while a soft spring breeze flows through my house.
5. The countdown until the Jays start playing again.  They are sitting pretty right now in Spring League at 11-2. YA!
6. My pursuit for a perfect dress for my handsome brother in law, Chris and the beautiful Marina's upcoming wedding over May Long. 
7. Dreams, dreams, dreams of acreages and what the future will look like for our little family.
8.  Running. Never thought I'd say that. Running 5km right now is so easy.  Love it!
9. Having my hubby home and being able to share late night drinks with him while watching Big Bang.
10.  This song/video.  A month back, Jordan posted about how she couldn't get the song out of her head so I had to download it.  Now it's stuck.  And then I found this video and I got inspired.  I can definitely see us making our own version chronicling our adventures in Toronto next month.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. We are SO making a video. I have been thinking about the one you posted all weekend!


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