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my Dad! 2 months ago yesterday he finished his last treatment, no more needles for that guy. Overnight we could tell the difference in him! Mom posted this picture last night and it reminded me that life is always going to throw crazy stuff our way and it's all in how we handle ourselves that really dictates how we make it through.  The wonderful people that surround us also make a huge difference.  But let's hear it from the one who conquered it, here is a guest blog from my dad....

count 'em up - 12 vases for 12 months of treatment - a different bouquet every month from our very special private nurse!

Cancer was not going to happen to me!
Well it did.
I don't think anybody is exempt to this and I do not wish this on anybody.
After a full year of treatments done, this makes me feel good but hard to celebrate when many other people may just be starting.
Cancer is a very lonely disease and you spend hour after hour thinking about it.  The support that you get from friends and family is awesome.
Many people say they are praying for you and I honestly believe I could feel the prayers.
Thank you for all the texts; they give me something to do.
The Cancer Clinic is a great place full of special people, I had my Doctor and a nurse but lucky me I had my one private nurse in B.C.
Thank you Judy so much for all the phone calls and texts and your ear which we used all the time.You are a special person and like I always say good things happen to good people and you are the true definition of "good people". 
Kids and grandkids the best medicine. If you could bottle it or put in a pill- wow.
I remember one day at Deena's when I was running around chasing Willis and I ran out of energy and had to sit down.  Willis came over and asked why I had stopped.  I told him I could not run anymore.  He thought about it for a second and said, "Don't worry,  Grampa, I will slow down so you can walk." Gotta love that.Kinsey and Lucia with hugs and kisses- man it would be nice to have another one......
Marlene. I can hardly type without a tear in my eye. You could not ask for a better wife to look after you.  She just took over and did everything.  Mars was at my side caring for me,the house and her work.  Thirty six years ago when we said for better for worse, for richer for poorer, well sorry, Mars I did not know we were going to go through them all.
I love you!!!!!!!!!
I have to sum this up by saying to look after yourselves.
Cancer, not going to happen to me.


  1. Great post Don! Congratulations for completing your treatments!

  2. I agree, Christy.

    I got a big knot in my throat when I hit the paragraph about Marlene.

    Very well written!

  3. I think my cousins get their writing skills from you and aunty Marlene uncle Don! Beautifully written.

    What a year it has been for you... and so glad that it is over. Onwards and upwards we go.


  4. Thank you Don. You and your entire family were an inspiration to all of us as we journeyed along side you from a distance with our prayers.



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