What's up Wednesday

Spring clean week one

Friday and Saturday nights I worked, Cinderella style. I scrubbed the floors, I washed the walls, I did the laundry, I purged the closets, I rotated the winter/spring wardrobes, I vacuumed and I dusted. All this left me exhausted come Sunday, so fatigued in fact, that I could barely function.
I must be getting old or something.

Prior to having kids this cleanse would have easily been done in a day.  I would have happily worked from morning to night to make my house sparkle. And that would have been all three floors.
As that is no longer the case I find myself being more so interval trained than the marathon cleaner that I used to be:  Wash down a door, chase Lucia.  Dust the blinds, build a puzzle with Willis.
You get the picture.

Cleaning makes me feel productive.  Well, exhausted and productive but nonetheless it feels great.  I feel accomplished and I love that we can now have tea parties on our bathroom floor.
Not like I would or anything, but at least I have the option.

Man, has life changed.....more on that tomorrow.
Have a great Monday!