3 purple lies


I had a couple of conversations over the past week or so with some of my mommy friends, revolving around parenting and the difficulties we face.  As a parent we are constantly questioning our methods and trying to figure out a way to make it work.
Sometimes we come up short, sometimes we rock it and all the time we are learning and growing.  Just as our children are developing right before our eyes; we also, as parents are changing and evolving.

I remember very clearly the first month of being a new mom with Willis.  I remember struggling with the desire to just go out and be me.  I found the transition to be very difficult and it took me forever to figure out the balance between who I was as an individual, pre-kids, to whom I was now, as a mom.   But it was worth it.  You never realize the value of time until you have this little baby, morphing before your eyes into now a full grown 4.6 year old.  You never realize that power you have in kind words to your child and to other moms.  You never realize how incredible just a few words of encouragement can feel, especially when you feel like everything you're doing is wrong, wrong, wrong!

I think that's the part of parenthood that I like the best.  I love the little lessons that my kids give to me every day and the perspective that is gained from spending precious moments with those sweet, innocent, genuine kids.  Parenting is hard.  And I struggle with my decisions and obstacles that come along the way, but I know that every second (sometimes of screaming tantrums) is worth it because my kids are helping me to become a better person.