3 purple lies

Over and under

In life, I am either in a state of being overwhelmed by the everydayness of what I have to accomplish or i will find myself underwhelmed, simply floating along.
This week feels like an overwhelmed week.
My list at school and at home are too big to even publish and therefore reside on colorful sticky notes which hopefully will bump up the appeal of these tasks.
When overwhelmed, I make lists and more lists. I prioritize. But I get so flabbergasted that I don't actually..do
So I sit here, corrections piling over, tests to be made, units to be planned, house to be cleaned. And instead of doing, I take a step back and play with my kids, I cuddle Willis longer and I watch my tv shows and paint my nails...
All in the hopes that my tasks disappear? Or that Easter break actually starts tomorrow??



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