A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

One of those weeks.

I've definitely had better weeks.

It was one of those weeks that leaves me utterly drained.  By Wednesday.
I'm so exhausted in fact that I think I may have beat Willis to sleep on Wednesday night.  7:30.  A nes record for me.

I had one of those weeks that makes me question my profession because all it feels like I did was discipline.  I'm so tired of saying don't do this, don't do that.  I just want to teach.  Not yell.  I hate yelling.  I hate getting mad.  I hate being frustrated.  I like to laugh and enjoy my time with students, but I found that very hard this week.  Was it a full moon all week by chance?

So I would then come home ramshackled and have two sweet children to care for.  Of course this is the week that Willis is pushing all the wrong buttons.  Metaphorically speaking.  There were thankfully no elevator mishaps.  Breakdown after meltdown after pouty face after screaming mess.  I have no clue what got into him.

On a bright note, I'm on a workout role and despite me generally being a grouch this week, I have had workouts to look forward to and a husband who is home and in great spirits.

Sometimes a mom just needs a breather.
I'm just glad it's Friday.
So here's to a quiet weekend at home, a  movie/supper date with my girlfriends and more time with my family, celebrating Kyla's bday.

Have a great weekend everyone!