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Once upon a meatball....

When I first started dating Dan, I would LOVE the opportunity to go over to his parents' place for supper.  Their mealtime was so different from our mealtime and they made much different foods than we did.  One of clearest memories is sitting down to eat with all the Simair boys (two of whom were my students...) and feeling somewhat uncomfortable.  It wasn't an oddity to see all the boys eating without a shirt on.
I can definitely see where Willis gets his innate desire to only sport boxers all day, every day.
So last night at supper I was suddenly swept back to those old days when both Willis and Dan went topless for spaghetti night.  Willis requested that both Lucia and I take our shirts off, but we stopped the fun there.
We ended the evening with a snack of toast and Nutella.
Doesn't get much better than that, folks!
Have a fantastic weekend.


  1. Cute pics D...but where is the one of Dan without a shirt..

  2. I love the first picture of Willis. And the black and white of Dan and Lucia. Very lovely!

  3. i love lucia cleaning her toes!!


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