3 purple lies

Oh, that Lucia

Willis is our big, strong and sensitive child.
Lucia, au contraire is our petite, delicate and bold child.

When she goes out in public she solicits stares of curiosity and sweet grins, obviously loving her cuteness.  Rarely do we go out that she doesn't get the "and HOW old is she?"
But what she lacks in size, she makes up for in spirit.  She is a busy, busy girl.

On Mondays we take Willis to a KinderSoccer class.  He's the oldest of the bunch and has gained confidence in his soccering abilities.  Lucia comes along to the class to cheer for her bro and to often participate.  I might as well have registered her.
Before you know it, she's in the circle, following directions and tossing around the ball like it's no one's business.
And the girl LOVES to run.

Want to check out the latest pint-sized soccer star in action? Well then, just watch this: