What's up Wednesday

The list

to move to an acreage or not to move to an acreage....

I really need to make a pro/con list
So I try.

The drive- 10 minutes from circle/college interchange, 15ish minutes from Holy Cross, 23ish minutes from Willis' school.
The solitude (especially when Hubby is away)
Developing land and having to be patient.  Deena = impatient.
Not having the luxury of being 2 minutes from a Tim's, Walmart, Bakery, DQ, Home Depot, Wine store....
The organization required in juggling schedules once there are activities at night-sometimes having to eat out instead of being home for supper.
Not living 2 minutes from my darling sister.

The solitude: coffees on the patio, sunsets, sunrises from the deck, not having to put the blinds down at night, getting to swim in a pool while not having backyard neighbours watch us
Designing/building dream home.
Potential yard of my dreams: pool, ball diamond, garden.....
Having a little more control in my kids' social life...as much as they'll hate it, I know it'll be good in the long run.
Crickets and stars during summer nights.
Not being able to go spend money easily when it's 2 minutes away.  Although, I'm sure online shopping still ships to Mission Ridge......
Dan being able to share in his upbringing with the kids.....major character building in finding great jobs for them to do.
Room to grow or throw a ball REAL far!
Forcing us to slow down?

I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Just do it :-) If you dont you will always wonder what life would be like if you had moved to an acreage. You can always move back to the city if it doesnt end up being all you dreamed it would. However, I dont think you will be disappointed if you do move.
    Love Ya! Ali

  2. One thing Hugh and I have contemplated is buying a lot and planting a bunch of trees. We would then just pay off the lot (along with our current mortgage) and let the trees have some time to mature. Then when we have a bit less debt and a few taller trees we could build our dream house.

    I agree with Ali. Whatever you choose will be the right choice.


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