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Les misérables

Les misérables.....I could be referring to the fantastic musical production being stage tonight and tomorrow night at Holy Cross.  I could be talking about the enchanting music and the characters that you fall in love with.  This could easily be a reference to the haunting vocals of Eponine...of ValJean.....I love musicals.  Back in the day, I directed them, but now my kids come first.  So I helped this year training some vocalists during my noon hours.  It was great to still be a part of such a fantastic production, working with awesome students.  I can't wait to see the show tonight and tomorrow night.
You should see it too!

Les misérables....I could also be referencing my household this week.  Sick, sick and more sick. AGAIN.  How do I manage to lose my voice twice in a month?  This time it wasn't only me hack hack hacking away, it was Dan too and then my poor Willis with the flubug who had a couple 'accidents'.  Nothing like cleaning a mess off the bathroom floor.  Poor guy.  Hopefully we'll be able to get healthy soon as there is far too many exciting things to be doing around the corner!

Les misérables.  Good times!


  1. Daddy! My butt puked!!!

    Best line I've heard yet while walking in the door coming home from work.


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