A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Good night.

Here's a little glimpse into our bedtime routines (which are ever changing)

Bath and playtime from 6:30-7
7:00 stories in rocking chair.
I then proceed to rock her until she decides she's ready for bed.  This can take 10-30 minutes.  She usually delights me stories and songs.  She insists on asking about everybody.
Willis?  Sleeping
Dadda? Sleeping
Puppies? Sleeping......
The list goes on and usually on repeat.
She usually gets mad at me if I look away and turns my face towards her.  She makes a point of showing me her eyes, mouth and nose.
Then she'll happily ask for bed and it's a night.

When Dan's away Willis gets to play IPad in my room or read books.  After she's in bed, around 7:30 we snuggle up in my bed (when Dan is gone-sleepovers are the best)
He usually gets to chose a book and we snuggle up for a book, a madeup story and then some cuddles.
He enjoys talking about his day and what we'll be doing tomorrow.
When I'm putting him to bed he usually snaggles extra cuddles out for me and can last up to a 1/2 hour.  He's a great snuggler.

What I find hardest about bedtime is how relaxing it is.  It's usually all said and done by 8:30 and I find it difficult to find the steam to accomplish anything when I'm half asleep.
This really isn't helping my overwhelming list of things I need to do....but it does make me realize that I DON'T REALLY CARE !!!! WOOOHOOOO
Have a fantastic Thursday.


  1. I am so envious of all your cuddles. We get a hug from Calder in the morning and that's about it! Sometimes he will climb into bed with us, but the cuddles only last about 2 minutes before he starts trying to wrestle. Calder doesn't even want to give us a hug goodnight these days so we definitely aren't getting cuddles there.

    I am glad you are loving all your snuggly time!


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