A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

the big boy.

Willis got back last night from a quick trip to Prince Albert, spending precious time with the both grandparents.  He was gone for a whole 72 hours and 39 minutes and man, was I lonely for him.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first couple hours of silence, but after that I saw the silence more as a hole than as a blessing.
I absolutely adore my not so little boy.  Going on 3 day sleepovers all by himself, sleeping in my parents' basement all alone, calling home to tell me how much fun he's having....this boy is growing up much to quickly.

In fact, last night I had a good look at how much this little boy is hovering into the big boy kingdom.  He had just got home 30 minutes prior and I was putting Lucia to bed.  I asked him to get a book and read in his room while I did this.  He insisted he get his blue blankey 1  .  5 minutes have gone by and I don't hear him in his room, so I try to call up to him (without waking my girl).  After a couple minutes, I finally hear him coming upstairs,sobbing.
Between deep breathes and swallowing back his tears, he tries to tell me that he can't find his blue blankey.  At this point his on the verge of an ugly cry but trying oh, so hard to compose himself.  I quickly put Lucia to bed and brought him to his room to remedy the problem.  He was so torn.  Trying so hard not to cry but being SO upset about the absence of his blanket.  After a little backtracking, we decided that he would call his grandparents and see if they'd seen it.
While I went back to L's room to rock her, he made the calls. All by himself, from my iphone, if I may add...
Call #1- Grandpa & Grandma 
The conversation I overheard from Lucia's room made my heart leap out of my chest.  Grandpa, my blanket is not at my home. Have you seen it? says my sweet, innocent little boy.  Not too sure how much was actually said on the other end because Will likes to randomly hang up the phone.
He comes back to Lucia's room, in tears.
It's not there.
Call #2- Nana and Papa
I just want to ask you something, my blanket isn't here....
Same conversation, only this time he returns, grinning ear to ear.  The blanket is at their place.  I also overheard him telling them to bring it to him for when he wakes up. Bahahahah.
Luckily Grandpa is coming up on Friday and the precious blanket will make its triumphant return.

What a boy!


  1. what a cutie. i love his phone calls. glad he found it! pretty impressive he can make those calls to track it down!

  2. of course you can relate to this - blanket lover that you were! and seems to me i remember another time when we had to have someone's blankie shipped by bus - who was that anyhow?


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