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Spring clean 2

Given that Mother Nature has been quite cooperative- I feel I might as well reciprocate this weekend by working on phase two of my annual spring clean.
The main floor of the house will be attacked this weekend in between great visits with my parents and brother.
My walls need a serious washing and there also needs to be some dusting.
Bring on spring! Oh, and have a fantastic weekend too!!

Good night.

Here's a little glimpse into our bedtime routines (which are ever changing)

Bath and playtime from 6:30-7
7:00 stories in rocking chair.
I then proceed to rock her until she decides she's ready for bed.  This can take 10-30 minutes.  She usually delights me stories and songs.  She insists on asking about everybody.
Willis?  Sleeping
Dadda? Sleeping
Puppies? Sleeping......
The list goes on and usually on repeat.
She usually gets mad at me if I look away and turns my face towards her.  She makes a point of showing me her eyes, mouth and nose.
Then she'll happily ask for bed and it's a night.

When Dan's away Willis gets to play IPad in my room or read books.  After she's in bed, around 7:30 we snuggle up in my bed (when Dan is gone-sleepovers are the best)
He usually gets to chose a book and we snuggle up for a book, a madeup story and then some cuddles.
He enjoys talking about his day and what we'll be doing tomorrow.
When I'm putting him to …

Over and under

In life, I am either in a state of being overwhelmed by the everydayness of what I have to accomplish or i will find myself underwhelmed, simply floating along.
This week feels like an overwhelmed week.
My list at school and at home are too big to even publish and therefore reside on colorful sticky notes which hopefully will bump up the appeal of these tasks.
When overwhelmed, I make lists and more lists. I prioritize. But I get so flabbergasted that I don't
So I sit here, corrections piling over, tests to be made, units to be planned, house to be cleaned. And instead of doing, I take a step back and play with my kids, I cuddle Willis longer and I watch my tv shows and paint my nails...
All in the hopes that my tasks disappear? Or that Easter break actually starts tomorrow??


The list

to move to an acreage or not to move to an acreage....

I really need to make a pro/con list
So I try.

The drive- 10 minutes from circle/college interchange, 15ish minutes from Holy Cross, 23ish minutes from Willis' school.
The solitude (especially when Hubby is away)
Developing land and having to be patient.  Deena = impatient.
Not having the luxury of being 2 minutes from a Tim's, Walmart, Bakery, DQ, Home Depot, Wine store....
The organization required in juggling schedules once there are activities at night-sometimes having to eat out instead of being home for supper.
Not living 2 minutes from my darling sister.

The solitude: coffees on the patio, sunsets, sunrises from the deck, not having to put the blinds down at night, getting to swim in a pool while not having backyard neighbours watch us
Designing/building dream home.
Potential yard of my dreams: pool, ball diamond, garden.....
Having a little more control in my kids' social much as they'l…

Weekend in pics

I love the weekend

Once upon a meatball....

When I first started dating Dan, I would LOVE the opportunity to go over to his parents' place for supper.  Their mealtime was so different from our mealtime and they made much different foods than we did.  One of clearest memories is sitting down to eat with all the Simair boys (two of whom were my students...) and feeling somewhat uncomfortable.  It wasn't an oddity to see all the boys eating without a shirt on.
I can definitely see where Willis gets his innate desire to only sport boxers all day, every day.
So last night at supper I was suddenly swept back to those old days when both Willis and Dan went topless for spaghetti night.  Willis requested that both Lucia and I take our shirts off, but we stopped the fun there.
We ended the evening with a snack of toast and Nutella.
Doesn't get much better than that, folks!
Have a fantastic weekend.

Les misérables

Les misérables.....I could be referring to the fantastic musical production being stage tonight and tomorrow night at Holy Cross.  I could be talking about the enchanting music and the characters that you fall in love with.  This could easily be a reference to the haunting vocals of Eponine...of ValJean.....I love musicals.  Back in the day, I directed them, but now my kids come first.  So I helped this year training some vocalists during my noon hours.  It was great to still be a part of such a fantastic production, working with awesome students.  I can't wait to see the show tonight and tomorrow night.
You should see it too!

Les misérables....I could also be referencing my household this week.  Sick, sick and more sick. AGAIN.  How do I manage to lose my voice twice in a month?  This time it wasn't only me hack hack hacking away, it was Dan too and then my poor Willis with the flubug who had a couple 'accidents'.  Nothing like cleaning a mess off the bathroom floor.…


I had a couple of conversations over the past week or so with some of my mommy friends, revolving around parenting and the difficulties we face.  As a parent we are constantly questioning our methods and trying to figure out a way to make it work.
Sometimes we come up short, sometimes we rock it and all the time we are learning and growing.  Just as our children are developing right before our eyes; we also, as parents are changing and evolving.

I remember very clearly the first month of being a new mom with Willis.  I remember struggling with the desire to just go out and be me.  I found the transition to be very difficult and it took me forever to figure out the balance between who I was as an individual, pre-kids, to whom I was now, as a mom.   But it was worth it.  You never realize the value of time until you have this little baby, morphing before your eyes into now a full grown 4.6 year old.  You never realize that power you have in kind words to your child and to other moms.  …

Spring clean week one

Friday and Saturday nights I worked, Cinderella style. I scrubbed the floors, I washed the walls, I did the laundry, I purged the closets, I rotated the winter/spring wardrobes, I vacuumed and I dusted. All this left me exhausted come Sunday, so fatigued in fact, that I could barely function.
I must be getting old or something.

Prior to having kids this cleanse would have easily been done in a day.  I would have happily worked from morning to night to make my house sparkle. And that would have been all three floors.
As that is no longer the case I find myself being more so interval trained than the marathon cleaner that I used to be:  Wash down a door, chase Lucia.  Dust the blinds, build a puzzle with Willis.
You get the picture.

Cleaning makes me feel productive.  Well, exhausted and productive but nonetheless it feels great.  I feel accomplished and I love that we can now have tea parties on our bathroom floor.
Not like I would or anything, but at least I have the option.

Man, h…

Top Ten Things that are making me smile right meow.

1. Spring-like temperatures, warm sunshine and melting snow.
2. Mint-Oreo blizzards
3. Lucia saying: "I. Love. You.  Momma" for the very first time 2 nights ago.
4. The thought of the wonderful spring cleaning bee that is coming to my house. It will be 3 weekends worth of cleansing.  One floor per weekend.  I've been dreaming of washing walls, baseboards, blinds, purging closets.....all while a soft spring breeze flows through my house.
5. The countdown until the Jays start playing again.  They are sitting pretty right now in Spring League at 11-2. YA!
6. My pursuit for a perfect dress for my handsome brother in law, Chris and the beautiful Marina's upcoming wedding over May Long. 
7. Dreams, dreams, dreams of acreages and what the future will look like for our little family.
8.  Running. Never thought I'd say that. Running 5km right now is so easy.  Love it!
9. Having my hubby home and being able to share late night drinks with him while watching Big Bang.

Oh, that Lucia

Willis is our big, strong and sensitive child.
Lucia, au contraire is our petite, delicate and bold child.

When she goes out in public she solicits stares of curiosity and sweet grins, obviously loving her cuteness.  Rarely do we go out that she doesn't get the "and HOW old is she?"
But what she lacks in size, she makes up for in spirit.  She is a busy, busy girl.

On Mondays we take Willis to a KinderSoccer class.  He's the oldest of the bunch and has gained confidence in his soccering abilities.  Lucia comes along to the class to cheer for her bro and to often participate.  I might as well have registered her.
Before you know it, she's in the circle, following directions and tossing around the ball like it's no one's business.
And the girl LOVES to run.

Want to check out the latest pint-sized soccer star in action? Well then, just watch this:

Today's post is inspired by...

my Dad! 2 months ago yesterday he finished his last treatment, no more needles for that guy. Overnight we could tell the difference in him! Mom posted this picture last night and it reminded me that life is always going to throw crazy stuff our way and it's all in how we handle ourselves that really dictates how we make it through.  The wonderful people that surround us also make a huge difference.  But let's hear it from the one who conquered it, here is a guest blog from my dad....

Cancer was not going to happen to me! Well it did. I don't think anybody is exempt to this and I do not wish this on anybody. After a full year of treatments done, this makes me feel good but hard to celebrate when many other people may just be starting. Cancer is a very lonely disease and you spend hour after hour thinking about it.  The support that you get from friends and family is awesome. Many people say they are praying for you and I honestly believe I could feel the prayers. Th…

The buzz kill

We had a fun little family play day planned on Saturday.
There was a free room to be used at the Sheraton nearest us, so we figured why not rent a room, do some water-sliding and have a pizza party.  Invite a few of the kids' friends and it'd be something different to do on Saturday afternoon.
We checked into the hotel and Willis/Lucia/Kinsey were ecstatic.  Racing around, jumping on beds and being the sweet, joy filled kids that they are.
Enter buzz kill.

Not 20 minutes into our hotel room romp that we hear a man YELL down the hall way Keep it down, I have to work tonight!!!!!!!!!!
Dude.  It's 3 in the afternoon on a Saturday.  We are in our room.They are kids.  You try containing them.
And it's not even that I would've minded quieting down from him.
In fact, had he kindly knocked on the door and nicely asked us if we could keep it down, I would have had NO problem doing that.
But he chose the rude, cowardly path.
And I chose to ignore it.  So we went on our way…

the big boy.

Willis got back last night from a quick trip to Prince Albert, spending precious time with the both grandparents.  He was gone for a whole 72 hours and 39 minutes and man, was I lonely for him.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first couple hours of silence, but after that I saw the silence more as a hole than as a blessing.
I absolutely adore my not so little boy.  Going on 3 day sleepovers all by himself, sleeping in my parents' basement all alone, calling home to tell me how much fun he's having....this boy is growing up much to quickly.

In fact, last night I had a good look at how much this little boy is hovering into the big boy kingdom.  He had just got home 30 minutes prior and I was putting Lucia to bed.  I asked him to get a book and read in his room while I did this.  He insisted he get his blue blankey 1  .  5 minutes have gone by and I don't hear him in his room, so I try to call up to him (without waking my girl).  After a couple minutes, I finally hear him coming up…

Happy 500th

I'm just a month and a bit shy from completing my 3rd year of blogging and this is my 500th post.
I think that's the most writing I've done in my whole life and likely the longest I've stuck to one of my "projects". In 3 years I've experienced many memorable moments and in all honesty I think sharing them on this blog has enlivened and enriched my experiences. Plus its a fun way to keep a record of this crazy life I lead.
Some of my favourite blog moments in the past 500 posts (I ended up cutting the list short because I wanted to actually post them instead of the links and it was getting long) :
Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 years ago my life was pretty simple; I was responsible for myself and sometimes the hubby, not to difficult to care for. I always wanted to be a mom but never really could wrap my brain around how much your life changes once you actually have a child to care for. The hardboiled egg that I was responsible for in grade 9 was…

Blank stare

So Dan and I were kid-less on Monday.

You'd think that I'd go crazy with things to do given all this free time.  Au contraire,  mon ami.

Dan has a lot on his work plate at the moment, so he did just that.
I have no voice and can't stop coughing, so I was a suck and rested.

You'd think that a house with no kids would be more eventful.  We did, however, get to go for supper and not have to feel like we need to rush home. That was nice.

My observation?  I forget what it's like to be just us, sans kids.  I find myself sitting there, thinking of Willis and Lucia who are happily off playing with their grandparents.  I find myself smiling and picturing their adorable faces and soft soft skin.
In fact, I find it really hard to concentrate on anything other than parenting.  Maybe that's because I can really only do a half-assed job at whatever else occupies my time.  I find it hard to find a passion, something to define me when really all that I want to and care to thi…

When you're not looking.

We had a fantastic weekend and I'm feeling closer to rested but with less of a voice.
I do not like being sick.  I mostly dislike losing my voice because my job is very hard to do without a voice.  We'll see how little I can talk tomorrow to preserve it.
In the meantime, enjoy some pics that Willis took while I was napping next to him.

Little stinker.

One of those weeks.

I've definitely had better weeks.

It was one of those weeks that leaves me utterly drained.  By Wednesday.
I'm so exhausted in fact that I think I may have beat Willis to sleep on Wednesday night.  7:30.  A nes record for me.

I had one of those weeks that makes me question my profession because all it feels like I did was discipline.  I'm so tired of saying don't do this, don't do that.  I just want to teach.  Not yell.  I hate yelling.  I hate getting mad.  I hate being frustrated.  I like to laugh and enjoy my time with students, but I found that very hard this week.  Was it a full moon all week by chance?

So I would then come home ramshackled and have two sweet children to care for.  Of course this is the week that Willis is pushing all the wrong buttons.  Metaphorically speaking.  There were thankfully no elevator mishaps.  Breakdown after meltdown after pouty face after screaming mess.  I have no clue what got into him.

On a bright note, I'm on a workout …