True love


I witnessed the epitome of true love this past weekend.
Let me set the stage.
My Grandma (mom's mom) requires constant care and is now living in the lodge in Leask, 10 minutes from her home in Marcelin, where my Grandpa continues to live.
Lucia and I took some time on Saturday to visit with her & Grandpa.
I never took a picture, but I'm pretty sure it was one of those moments in life that will stay forever etched in your mind.
Had I taken a picture, you would've seen Gramma's humble room; adorned with trinkets, paintings and photos from home. Her room is decorated with wall decals and religious figures but mostly of pictures of family; beautiful, smiling faces offering her strength and comfort. I could feel nothing but her pride in her family.
You would also see Lucia, blanket spread out in the floor; toys and treats sitting around her. She is slow to warm but eventually is teasing Papa Pockets who is sitting in Grandma's wheel chair, so that I may have the big, comfy one. She also is very intrigued by Great Grandma who is a picture of beauty; delicately sitting in her rocker, covered in a Maple Leaf's quilt. Her physical appearance shows the wear of the years as she is frail and weak, but her eyes and mind are as alive as ever. Throughout the visit she cleverly pokes fun at Grandpa and spends some time recalling memories from her youth when her daughter, Louise calls. It is Louise's birthday and Grandma and Grandpa enjoy telling me about the day they brought Louise home from the hospital. After a 10 day stay, Grandma took the train from P.A back to Marcelin where they then went by horse and carriage to her home.
Wow- things have changed and I may just have aged Aunty Louise, oops ;)

I'm so grateful that I had that afternoon with my Grandparents and even more grateful that Lucia was with me.

Lucia, you will never know my Grandparents like I did/do. I talk a lot about how proud I am of them- but I realize now that I've mostly focused on my Grandmothers. This past weekend, my dear, you were also the witness to the epitome of true love. After 65 years of marriage- Papa Pockets is still by Grandma's side- each and every day. Taking her to the bathroom, making sure she's comfortable, telling her not to worry, feeding her supper.....he is still showing his love for her... For richer or for poorer, through sickness and in health...
Lucia, you may never know my Grandpa as I do, but someday my wish for you would be that you find someone who makes you as happy as I'm sure he's made my Grandma over the years.

I left on Saturday floored. Well, floored and moved. Touched and inspired. Proud and sad. It was a whole gamut of emotions and I was glad to have a beautiful sunny drive home in order to reflect and really grasp what I saw.

What does it come down to in the end? Will I be that lucky? Will my children grasp the importance of family and relationships?
Who knows- but I know for sure that Saturday's moment with my grandparents left me a better person and they've made a huge mark in my heart.

And that's that.


  1. Your grandparents love and devotion for each other brought me to tears.

  2. I am so glad you took the time Deena to visit. I am very fortunate I get to witness this love story daily and each day I can see their love growing more attached as they near what might be the last hug, kiss or care giving duty. I pray all of us will be blessed with a love like theirs.

  3. Beautiful post Deena. I am all teary eyed now!

  4. Merci Deena d'avoir partagé avec nous. I appreciate your vision of life and your ability to express what is important! Thanks!!


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