What's up Wednesday

Sister date

Kyla and I set off last night for a sister date to the musical, Beauty and the Beast.
We had 4th row and were surrounded by overexcited miniature Belles. It was adorable.
I really wish I would have thought of bringing Willis to the show. Although he likely would have been scared for most of it and then questioning the special effects for the rest of it- it would have been a great experience for him.
Beauty and the Beast was the first musical I saw in New York during a trip with my university friends the year we were in Quebec. I still remember the show very clearly: Toni Braxton played Belle and I can recall the set, costumes and stage amazing me.
It lit a fire.

I really wish I would have brought Willis last night, as I think he would really have been flabergasted by the staging of this fascinating show.
The power of music is in him too, I know it.

But it was fab to get out with Kyla again and I definitely need and appreciate the one on one time with my little sissy.