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Seek and ye shall find....

What a perfect day for my blog topic yesterday.  I was at the bottom, but the good thing about the bottom is that there's only going up.

Reluctantly, I faced my problem head on and put it out on a plate.  By putting it out there I was facing my failures, my weaknesses and my shortcomings and I had to be brave.  I hate admitting failure.
It's funny how things work out.

In the morning I started feeling better as some positive suggestions and messages started coming in from friends.

By noon I had signed up for the Groupon of the day for Jazzercise.  Sounds like it'd be similar to Zumba and I'm willing to try something new to switch up the old routine.

During the afternoon something interesting happened.  The ah-ha moment.
A student called me fat.
Yup. F-A-T.
He didn't directly called me fat, but in looking at a picture of me, my sister and brother that I had put up while explaining how to use the site glogster in order to create a novel cover, he said "who's that fat chic?".
Ouch.  Yup, that hurt.
I pretended not to hear him as he was in the back and I just kept on going, biting back the tears.  I could've have confronted him but really, I think I would've cried given my particular state on that particular day.
Really, I'm not that upset.
The funny thing is that even at that point when the picture was taken (Scotland, flying brooms), at my highest post-baby weight, I knew I was overweight, but never once did I feel fat.  I always felt beautiful and confidant.  And even though a comment from a 14 year old may sting, I won't let it bug me any more than that. I will take it as a compliment that he didn't recognize me.  I have lost 25 pounds after all since that photo.
Really, my day was ending up being great fuel for my fire.   You have no idea how motivated I am now.

The evening topped it off. I went to my first ball practice of the season and it was the kind of workout I was craving.  I needed someone to yell at me, to encourage me, to push me.  It felt like high school practices all over again.  So thanks Captain Dave for the great practice, I'll definitely be looking forward to what's to come.

And the cherry on top of my chocolate sundae type of day?  One of the sweetest emails I have received from a great friend.  So sweet in fact that I shall share.

Have a beautiful family weekend!

Dear Deena,

Today I watched an episode of the Biggest Loser.  They sent a contestant home to workout with Bob, the trainer.  The rest of her teammates stayed back at the ranch.  Her weight loss for the week determined if their whole team would win immunity or not.  She was under a lot of pressure.
At the last chance workout, her challenge was to climb the flights of stairs in the tallest building in the Western hemisphere.  As she was climbing, she got tired and wanted to quit.  At those moments, Bob pulled out a letter written to her by her team mate.  The letter was encouraging.  It reminded her how far she has come and how strong she has become.  It gave her a boost and helped her continue on up the steps.  The next time she wanted to quit, Bob pulled out another letter.  After reading each letter she felt more and more confident and determined to accomplish her goal.

I read your blog today, and thought you could use a letter of encouragement too!  Sometimes when a plateau hits it's hard to remember how far you have come!!!  And you have come a long way!!!  Despite working full time, having 2 children to care for, a husband's relationship to nourish, friendships to devote time to.....you still managed to stick to your guns and stick to your plan.  You have done an AMAZING job and I wanted to let you know that people notice!!!  I have seen you transform into feeling uber-fantastic about yourself, loving your new clothes that fits the new you.  You are glowing with feeling great and make others (aka: me) want to jump on your wagon!!

Over the next few days you are going to receive some letters.  It's your choice when you open them.  Maybe during an ultra-hard workout.  Maybe on a day when you're reeeeaaaallllyyyy tired and feeling unmotivated, maybe in the morning when you wake up, maybe at night when you go to bed......whenever you want or need a little warm-hearted medicine.

I hope it gives you a little bit of a boost! And a reminder of how kick-ass your journey has already been!!!!

Carmen xxoo


  1. Deena, you ARE inspiring. You have more on your plate than that boy can even imagine. And to top it off that boy is just that. A boy. He doesn't get much beyond himself. You are an amazing teacher for recognizing it and not letting his comment do more than sting.

    That being said, I can come by the school and give him a stern talking to if you want. Or just knock him up against the lockers ;-) Please let me do the second. It would be SO funny! (JK for those who don't know me. But it would be funny!)

  2. Deena,

    I know I have told you this a hundred times but it doesn't hurt to hear it again. You are an AMAZING person - you are the wife and mother I aspire to become. Your weightloss has inspired me to work-out harder... I think if Deena can can lose 25lbs while working full time, taking care of two kids and still finding time to spend with Dan and her friends - then you can do it too (because truthfully I am just not as busy as you). So keep going and pushing for your goals - this is just a bump in the road. You are strong and you can do it.

  3. wow you have the nicest friends... Carmen made me cry :) I have always admired you and EVERYTHING you are able to do because you do it so well.

    P.S. I'm jealous of the ball, I miss the love of it.

    Lisa W.


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