3 purple lies

Searching out beauty

I made a point on Friday to concentrate on the good this weekend; to find the beauty in all situations.
 In my books, this weekend was by far the best weekend that 2012 has had to offer.

There was much beauty to be found and after reflecting on what I did and what I saw, it was in the moments that we spent with our family and friends, that I was able to find the most love and beauty.

Dan and I were able to get out for a nice supper, sans kids on Friday night, where we ended up at Taverna;  Authentic Italian fare hit the spot.  Our children were in great hands, with Lucia sleeping at Kyla's and Willis entertaining Monique and Kevin.
The kids are finally at the age that it isn't really a hassle to leave them with childcare.  They enjoy spending time with their aunts and uncles and now that Lucia has got her friendly on, I wouldn't hesitate sending her off somewhere for some fun.  I miss my babies whenever I do this, but at the same time I know that they are getting great experiences and growing their ever so important bond with the family in their life.

Saturday was a mixture of fun and productivity.  We started with a walk at the zoo in the morning, which was très cool this time around because the cougars were out.  I probably will never mutter that sentence again as I get mixed reactions when I tell someone that a cougar was eyeing up Willis.  The Herzogs joined us for a bit and before we knew it, it was time to swing home for naps.
I love sunny Saturday (and Sunday) afternoon naps.

The Saturday afternoon was special because Lucia and I headed out to the lodge in Leask to visit my Grandma.  More on that tomorrow....

Sunday we hit up WinterShine at the Farmer's Market and although it was rather small, I think it was very well put together.  Willis could've easily spent the day there playing with Koen, Aiden and Kinsey.

Really, this was not out of the ordinary weekend.  We did simple things, but I think it was the fact that we had so much time bonding with different people that made it so beautiful.
Well, the weather helped too.  Who doesn't love the bright sunshine and clear, blue skies?

La vie est belle.