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A friend gave me one of the most beautiful gifts last week: motivation, inspiration and hope.  Carmen stepped in when I was down and did a most thoughtful thing for me.  And man, has it ever put me back on track.
Thank you so much Carmen.

Last week I included an email she had sent me when I had expressed my frustrations about my workout plan.  She took an idea from Biggest Loser and said that I'd be receiving letters to lift me up when I most needed it.  I thought she would be sending me letters over the course of the next weeks.
She's even better than that.  She contacted my friends and family who then sent me letters to keep me going.  Again, above and beyond the call of friendship and I will forever be grateful for this gift which has done exactly what she hoped it would.
Here are some of my favourite parts of the letters from my friends:

 You are amazing. Your post today says it all. We feel best when we are healthy. I can do as many kind deeds as will fit in the day, but if I eat McDonalds and popcorn and chocolate bars and spend my free time sitting on the couch, I still don't feel great.
I like how you are taking care of your body and health.

So you are my inspiration for the next 40 days. I am going to take your challenge. Do something active EVERY DAY even if that means just getting on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Doing something.

Deena, you are an amazing woman. I think the thing I admire you most for is the way you nourish the relationships you have.
Love you!


 I have very much enjoyed seeing you transform, I truly mean it when I say that the results of your hard work is very noticeable.  Not only the weight, but the way you present yourself is refreshing.  You have a positive energy and kick ass clothes and hold your head up high. 

Dear Deena,

 You are a Rock Star
 You inspire me and others
 You are beautiful inside and out
 You are my role model

Here are some tips that help me stay motivated.
2.       Make healthy choices most of the time.  They always say that you want what you can’t have, so don’t have forbidden foods.  I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies (yuck!) but some days I just feel like a bowl of chips or a blizzard.  I just try to enjoy in moderation. I don’t have the while bag of chips, I just grab a small bowl so I can control my portion sizes.  Then I don’t feel deprived.
3.       Weigh yourself weekly only.  And only on a ‘skinny’ day.  I try to weigh myself once a week so I can keep my weight in check because believe me there are bad weeks.  When I think I have had a really bad week, sometimes I skip it.  Letting the scale tell me that I have put on weight does not make me happy. Instead I give myself an extra week to eat healthy and exercise and see if I can take the weight off before I have to see the number on the scale. I also only weigh myself on ‘skinny days so that if I did put on weight I don’t feel as bad about it as if I were bloated and feeling yucky.


It makes me sad to hear/read that you are feeling down and have hit a plateau.  It’s hard for me to think of you as human because you’ve always seemed like superwomen to me.  You’re the go-to person for all things parenting, relationships, fashion, teaching, languages, technology, photography/videography, books…OMG the list can go on..... 



  1. yay! The letters are wonderful!! So glad it gave you a little boost!!! xxxooo


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