3 purple lies

Lucia the magnificent

Here's some likely unknown facts about Lucia:

I came home last weekend from my girls' vacation and Lucia is potty trained.  She now runs with an intense urgency to the bathroom yelling, "Pee! Pee!".  I was not prepared for this.  Kyla also has not had to clean a dirty diaper all week.  This past weekend at the hotel, she was running around naked (nay-nay) and she started to pee.  She immediately stopped, started crying and yelled at me.  I rushed her to the bathroom and she did her business, wiped herself and walked out, clapping, eager to tellGrandpa the good news. 20 months and potty trained.  Definitely a nice surprise.

Lucia crawled for the first time at 20 months.  Yup, you read that right. 20 months. Sure, she can go to the bathroom on demand, but crawling, nah- that's too tough.  She also will only crawl when it's through a tunnel.  Anywhere else and she feels the need to add in a ribbit.

At 20 months and 10 days, she weighs a whopping 16 pounds, 5 ounces.  Yup, the size of a healthy 6 month old.   She's been walking since she was just over a year old and man, does she get some interesting looks out in public.  Even more interesting when I tell them her actual age.  And then you can even imagine the looks when I'm feeling punchy and tell them she's actually 6 months old. BAHAHHAA.

She is a dainty, girly girl who uses utensils and cleans up when she drops some food.  She also will wipe up her spills and refuses to get down from the table if you don't let her wipe her hands.  She also asks for more, more when shopping for clothes for her.  She loves her dresses and shoes.  She also loves wearing mom's shoes and oddly enough, Dad's socks.

Lucia has a vocabulary twice the size of Will's at this point in his development.  She doesn't stop yacking, even though most of it doesn't make any sense. Obviously spending her days with Kinsey is paying off as she repeats most of the things that comes out of her cousin's mouth: Hooooly, Silly Willis, Bye Bye Mommy.

Lucia is obsessed with her blanket and takes it everywhere.  I'm definitely going to have to find a bigger version for her 2nd bday.
She calls her blanket, nana

Other code words:
Her Nana, nana
Her Papa, papa
Her Grandpa, Gampa
Her Grandma, Gamma
Her medicine, may-may
Her dolly, baby
Her food, num nums
Her Aunty Kyla, lyla
Her Uncle Robbies, Wobbie
Her Aunty Monique, Meek

She is a complete doll and the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet.
Of course I'm biased.
This weekend at the Science Centre

2 weeks old

5 months old

8 months old

14 months old

17 months old


  1. I love this post. It is so neat to hear about all the things Lucia does! Way to go on the potty training, Lucia. You rock!

  2. wow. that's a smart little gal! she always makes my heart smile... if that makes any sense, but I think you can get what I mean :)

  3. Oh my word...the pic of her and the dog is beyond priceless!! And can I say, "Um, wow!!" on the potty training! Good for her!


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