3 purple lies


I am blessed with many friends in my life....all types of friends stemming from different relationships and separate moments of my life.  They all know me on a unique level

In my quest to seek out beauty this week, I have realized that I shall be getting together with my 3 favourite groups of friends within 5 days (and I'm only missing some couple friends and my PA friends for my week to be perfect).

So when I came across this photo on pinterest, I couldn't refuse its front row seat on my blog today.

So here's to a great night with the ball friends tonight,
and Cheers to this weekend away with my besties for some much needed girl time in Calgary/Banff,  and then let's toast to a Monday night coffee date with my other favourite ladies for some much needed catching up and laughter.

Life is grande when you're surrounded by beautiful women.  I'm going to try to take a picture of everyone in this week's visits, if they'll let me......