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Family fun

Our yearly weekend of Park family fun was this past weekend in Edmonton. Although it was an insanely busy time to be staying at Fantasyland and visiting anywhere- we did have a great time. Even though less people donned the Oilers jerseys for the game last night, we still made a point of getting together and enjoying each other.

That's the thing about tradition. If you don't take the steps to start something special- then nothing is going to happen. I believe this is year number four that we've been making this trip and it is probably one of my favourite weekends all year. Much can change over the years- especially this past year with Dad finishing his treatments. What a difference! Last year he could barely sit for supper with us whereas this year he was plummeting down the watersides with Rob and Jenn.

I love my family and I love having the ability to take a break and get away. It doesn't take a lot to make it special and the rewards are plentiful when traditions are being made!!
An extra bonus to this weekend was having the BFF spend time with her little family at fantasyland also and getting in some quality visits and playtime!

Here's my phone dump of weekend joy!


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