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Book worm

It's no lie that I'm a lover of books.  Nothing beat cozying up next to the fire or in bed or next to Dan or on the patio with a beer or on a floaty chair in the pool...I could read anywhere and enjoy it.

Favourite books of mine?  I don't even know where to start....Fortune's Rocks?  The Red Tent?   The Alchemist?  Le Petit Prince?....I dunno.

What I especially love about books is the memories one can hold.  Last night I cuddled up with Willis in bed and was pleased to see that he chose one of my favourite books as a child, The Magic Porridge Pot.  Old books or rather, books from my youth are probably the best gifts my mom can give me.  They remind me of being young and free and soaked up in the magic of literature.  Well kids literature anyway.  I would love to see what other books I was enthralled by while growing the top of my head I can think of Are you there God, it's me, Margaret, The Box Car Children, Sweet Valley High, Babysitter's Club......

Dear co-zumba'er

Dear lady young miss in Zumba class last night,

Are you confused by where you were going?
Did you originally dress to go to the beach and then decide you wanted bar-star makeup on and then instead went and worked out?
Was it really necessary for you to wear tight underwear shorts and proceed to stretch right. in. front. of. me?
Not a pleasant experience, thankyouverymuch.

Why is it that people feel the need to wear workout clothes that don't suit their body or are too tight for them?  It's not a fashion show, I'm aware of that.  But still, how can it be conducive to sweating it out when your clothing is so tight that you can barely breathe.

I just don't get it.

The end.


A friend gave me one of the most beautiful gifts last week: motivation, inspiration and hope.  Carmen stepped in when I was down and did a most thoughtful thing for me.  And man, has it ever put me back on track.
Thank you so much Carmen.

Last week I included an email she had sent me when I had expressed my frustrations about my workout plan.  She took an idea from Biggest Loser and said that I'd be receiving letters to lift me up when I most needed it.  I thought she would be sending me letters over the course of the next weeks.
She's even better than that.  She contacted my friends and family who then sent me letters to keep me going.  Again, above and beyond the call of friendship and I will forever be grateful for this gift which has done exactly what she hoped it would.
Here are some of my favourite parts of the letters from my friends:

You are amazing. Your post today says it all. We feel best when we are healthy. I can do as many kind deeds as will fit in the day,…

The plan

If I would've recorded all my Lenten sacrifices throughout life, I'm pretty sure that giving up chocolate, slushes and TV would be the most re-occurring.

Lent, however isn't necessarily about self-denial for 40 days.  It also can be about changing our behaviour and the way we lead our lives...ultimately finding the presence of God through our actions.  And because God to me is love and goodness, then really I'm working on an area that needs attention and finding the beauty in it.
Can't be too hard, can it?

I've thought a lot about this over the course of the past couple days.  My ideas are plentiful, but when it comes down to it, the kind of change that I'd like to work towards is deep within me.  Because I know that the old adage is true "a happy wife, is a happy life".

So, what kind of changes can I make in order to reflect on my life?

The answer is obvious and clear: I'm at my happiest when I'm feeling good about myself.  And I'm f…


Being a parent is about sacrifice.
We give up so much so that our children can be happy.  And that's probably a good thing.  I can't imagine my life without those little rugrats in it, they have brought me so much joy and happiness.
I know that I'm a better person because of them.

Today is the first day of Lent, a 40 day period of sacrifice in preparation for Easter.  It's a time to sacrifice something or work on an area in order to make life better.

I've been doing some thinking about this and have a couple ideas. 

What are your ideas?  Can you help me? Will you be doing anything for yourself or those around you during this time?

Willis the Entertainer

Here are some things you may or may not know about our Willis.

Willis is witty.
He is busy and energetic and loving.
He gives strong hugs and sweet kisses and doesn't hesitate to tell me he loves me.
According to him, he has a girlfriend- me.
He loves role playing games- most recently on the way home from Edmonton he insisted he be an elf and that Dan be Santa. It was a good 20 minutes of Christmas fun.
He sings non-stop. His recent favorites are "Santa Claus is coming to town", "If you're happy and you know it" and much to my dismay, the Barney theme song.
He doesn't like going to bed alone and is rather persuasive in convincing me to cuddle with him for that much longer.
He also wins the battle every time and has a sleepover in my bed whenever Daddy is working away.
He still wears a pull-up to sleep.
He can read basic colours and 3 letter words.
Willis usually only eats bread, not toasted with peanut butter and honey for breakfast.  If he were to ha…

Lucia the magnificent

Here's some likely unknown facts about Lucia:

I came home last weekend from my girls' vacation and Lucia is potty trained.  She now runs with an intense urgency to the bathroom yelling, "Pee! Pee!".  I was not prepared for this.  Kyla also has not had to clean a dirty diaper all week.  This past weekend at the hotel, she was running around naked (nay-nay) and she started to pee.  She immediately stopped, started crying and yelled at me.  I rushed her to the bathroom and she did her business, wiped herself and walked out, clapping, eager to tellGrandpa the good news. 20 months and potty trained.  Definitely a nice surprise.

Lucia crawled for the first time at 20 months.  Yup, you read that right. 20 months. Sure, she can go to the bathroom on demand, but crawling, nah- that's too tough.  She also will only crawl when it's through a tunnel.  Anywhere else and she feels the need to add in a ribbit.

At 20 months and 10 days, she weighs a whopping 16 pounds, 5 ou…

Family fun

Our yearly weekend of Park family fun was this past weekend in Edmonton. Although it was an insanely busy time to be staying at Fantasyland and visiting anywhere- we did have a great time. Even though less people donned the Oilers jerseys for the game last night, we still made a point of getting together and enjoying each other.

That's the thing about tradition. If you don't take the steps to start something special- then nothing is going to happen. I believe this is year number four that we've been making this trip and it is probably one of my favourite weekends all year. Much can change over the years- especially this past year with Dad finishing his treatments. What a difference! Last year he could barely sit for supper with us whereas this year he was plummeting down the watersides with Rob and Jenn.

I love my family and I love having the ability to take a break and get away. It doesn't take a lot to make it special and the rewards are plentiful when tradition…

Seek and ye shall find....

What a perfect day for my blog topic yesterday.  I was at the bottom, but the good thing about the bottom is that there's only going up.

Reluctantly, I faced my problem head on and put it out on a plate.  By putting it out there I was facing my failures, my weaknesses and my shortcomings and I had to be brave.  I hate admitting failure.
It's funny how things work out.

In the morning I started feeling better as some positive suggestions and messages started coming in from friends.

By noon I had signed up for the Groupon of the day for Jazzercise.  Sounds like it'd be similar to Zumba and I'm willing to try something new to switch up the old routine.

During the afternoon something interesting happened.  The ah-ha moment.
A student called me fat.
Yup. F-A-T.
He didn't directly called me fat, but in looking at a picture of me, my sister and brother that I had put up while explaining how to use the site glogster in order to create a novel cover, he said "who's…

Something's gotta give.

I'm stuck in a rut.
and I don't like it one bit.

Something has got to give.

I was in such a good routine before Christmas.  Workouts were plentiful, I was eating healthily and I still had time for my kids, my husband and myself.  But most importantly, I was losing weight and feeling healthy.

Nope, not anymore.  Now I'm tired, I'm sluggish and I don't have that time balance anymore.
I guess this is what they call a plateau?  A brick wall?  An extra large chocolate sundae and a glass of wine?


It's so frustrating because I have goals and I feel like I'm wasting time wasting time.  If that even makes any sense.  I need some major motivation or a major game change to get this ball rolling again.

Any ideas out there?  All I know is that something has to be changed.
I'm thinking I definitely have to alter my workout time.  Right after school was working well before, but now I'm way too tired and really only wanting to play with my kids.  The a.m migh…


These ladies, minus Carmen who couldn't make it, are ladies I will never say no to.
At this point in the game, they are more like sisters to me and know me sometimes better than I know myself.
My wish for you today is that you think of your friend who does that for you and that you send them a random message, letting them you know how important they are in your life.
Everybody needs a good friend.
And what I know for sure is that my life is infinitely better because of these women.
Thanks for the great weekend getaway!


I was going to post about my weekend, but truth be told, I'm still not feeling grande and wordy enough to express my joy.  So read it from the BFF for now instead.

I hope you eat some chocolate today in celebration of the day of Valentine.  And that you get some extra hugs from those sweet little ones in your life. I know I sure will.

A plague upon both your houses...

It was an awesome weekend in Calgary with the girls.
I got to visit with my friends, catch up, visit Banff and do some shopping.

Not so awesome?  Candace catching a nasty bug yesterday that required her to be stuck to the toilet and therefore not go shopping......

Even more not so awesome?  Me starting to feel the same last evening.....

Damn you shopping gods.  Why are you punishing me?  Was it because I didn't buy any shoes.....Therefore I shan't be posting about my awesome trip until tomorrow- I have an evil flu bug to fight off.


Friend Night. The First.

Last night I hosted an impromptu get together with our ball team.    We've been gathering pretty regularly so these festivities have become a great place to catch up and share stories.  I have met some pretty amazing women on this new team and am definitely glad to have them in my life.
I also can't wait to meet our new members and start throwing the ball around again!

Thanks for the great night, girls.  And Dave and Chad and Dan.


I am blessed with many friends in my life....all types of friends stemming from different relationships and separate moments of my life.  They all know me on a unique level

In my quest to seek out beauty this week, I have realized that I shall be getting together with my 3 favourite groups of friends within 5 days (and I'm only missing some couple friends and my PA friends for my week to be perfect).

So when I came across this photo on pinterest, I couldn't refuse its front row seat on my blog today.

So here's to a great night with the ball friends tonight,
and Cheers to this weekend away with my besties for some much needed girl time in Calgary/Banff,  and then let's toast to a Monday night coffee date with my other favourite ladies for some much needed catching up and laughter.

Life is grande when you're surrounded by beautiful women.  I'm going to try to take a picture of everyone in this week's visits, if they'll let me......


So many beautiful moments this week, here are some snapshots from just a handful

True love

I witnessed the epitome of true love this past weekend.
Let me set the stage.
My Grandma (mom's mom) requires constant care and is now living in the lodge in Leask, 10 minutes from her home in Marcelin, where my Grandpa continues to live.
Lucia and I took some time on Saturday to visit with her & Grandpa.
I never took a picture, but I'm pretty sure it was one of those moments in life that will stay forever etched in your mind.
Had I taken a picture, you would've seen Gramma's humble room; adorned with trinkets, paintings and photos from home. Her room is decorated with wall decals and religious figures but mostly of pictures of family; beautiful, smiling faces offering her strength and comfort. I could feel nothing but her pride in her family.
You would also see Lucia, blanket spread out in the floor; toys and treats sitting around her. She is slow to warm but eventually is teasing Papa Pockets who is sitting in Grandma's wheel chair, so that I may have t…

Searching out beauty

I made a point on Friday to concentrate on the good this weekend; to find the beauty in all situations.
 In my books, this weekend was by far the best weekend that 2012 has had to offer.

There was much beauty to be found and after reflecting on what I did and what I saw, it was in the moments that we spent with our family and friends, that I was able to find the most love and beauty.

Dan and I were able to get out for a nice supper, sans kids on Friday night, where we ended up at Taverna;  Authentic Italian fare hit the spot.  Our children were in great hands, with Lucia sleeping at Kyla's and Willis entertaining Monique and Kevin.
The kids are finally at the age that it isn't really a hassle to leave them with childcare.  They enjoy spending time with their aunts and uncles and now that Lucia has got her friendly on, I wouldn't hesitate sending her off somewhere for some fun.  I miss my babies whenever I do this, but at the same time I know that they are getting great ex…

Butt whooping

The beginning of semester two has officially whooped my butt.

How can I get so out of shape after only have a week and a half off of my normal teaching regime?  Finals were a nice change of pace and all and yes, I started to despise my corrections but that week of change has thrown me through a loop and now I'm spent from a week back in front of a class.
Talk, talk and more talk.

I'm officially run down and wiped and will now need spend the weekend resting so that I don't get behind and really sick and run down.

Too many exciting events coming up, no time to be sick.

Have a great weekend!


or, otherwise known as the day that Dan and I hooked up.  For good.
10 years of Dan.

I have learned so much from this wonderful man in these 10 years.
I have never felt so loved, so respected and so special.
He treats me like I'm the most important thing in the world and never makes me feel like I deserve any less.
The love of a wonderful man is a great gift.
The gift of two beautiful children is the most beautiful blessing.

Thanks for 10 years, Dan!
(and here's to the worst oldest pictures I could find of us)