3 purple lies

Where I've been, what I've done.

A year ago I made a bucket list with my brother and sister. 
Although I was hesitant to jump on board the creation of a list (I love change and found it hard to create a list that I had to stick to) (I do realize that I don't have to stick to anything, but then what's the point of making a list if you aren't going to make an effort to achieve it) I still made a meaningful effort.
Anyway, recently while watching the Bachelor, I was introduced to a new concept - a leap list- which makes way more sense to me: choose a milestone that's approaching, then think of 10 things you want to do before that milestone.
This is exactly what will work for me: it's not as macabre as a bucket list of things do to before I die, but rather goal setting in a reasonable time frame.
Now to think of some goals to set for my new leap list, and I garuantee that although "snow" skiing in San Francisco in a bikini does sound appealing, it most certainly won't be making an appearance on my list.

In the meantime, let's take a look back at the last year in my bucket list and see where I've been and what I've done:

The Unaccomplished:

Learn to play another instrument. Guitar? Flute? Cello? Change careers at least once.
Work in a greenhouse.
Donate something substantial.
Build and design my own house.
Have a pool. A real one.
Play Masters level fastball.
Master a culinary dish from 10 different cultures. Throw a dinner party.
Visit each continent, except for the cold, impossible one.
Memorize a poem.
Sell a painting to a stranger.
Take six months off of life and travel with my family, home schooling my children.
Perform on stage. This could be singing, dancing......who knows.
Remarry my husband with our children as witnesses.
Have the same bff when I'm 50.
Visit Bethlehem.
Visit St. Lucia, the island. With my little Lucia.

The very close to be accomplished:

Experience the glory of NYC with my mom, sister, Lucia, Kinsey and any other girl added to our family.  Okay, no Lucia, Kinsey or Jenn but Mom, Kyla and I are heading to the big apple in May!
Buy a pair of Christian Louboutins. Feel no guilt.   Just need to lose 15 lbs and no guilt will be felt buying these babies whilst in NYC!
Fit into my wedding dress better than I did on my wedding day. Damn you fifteens!

And the very much so accomplished:

Go on a trip with just my brother and sister. Yay Scotland!  Definitely want to go back there again.  That was an amazing trip.

Have a conversation with a celebrity. Well kinda.  NKOTBSB concert last July with cousins, Lea and Renee.  We stood outside the buses and chatted it up with Howie, Jon and Matthew Morrison

Wear red lipstick. This I was very scared of and it didn't help when my husband informed me the first time I put it on that I looked like the joker.  Whatever, I have rocked the red many times since.


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