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That was so 2011

I just did a little reflecting by rereading last year at this time's blogs and I'm glad to say I'm in the complete opposite state of mind.
The problem last year was me doing tons in preparation for the holidays then falling into major burnout land for a couple weeks after.
This year I did nothing leading up to Christmas.  Not even a visit to the Enchanted Forest (gasp) but I can say that I'm full of energy right now and truly profiting from my break.  My house has never been more organized.
It was a great Christmas.  We had Dan's brother, Josh, with us during the week which was an absolute treat.  Willis was on him every second that Josh was awake: Josh, want to colour?  Josh, want to do sticker books? And Lucia?  Well, Lucia I can say fell head over heals for her uncle!  So cute.
We spent 4 days back home in Prince Albert visiting with my family (we swap family Christmas' every other year-way easier!) and got to profit from some major down time and visits.  Lucia clung to my Dad and is still requesting "Gampa" whenever she sees Skype.
We did a cooking class with Dan's family on boxing day.  I learned that de-boning things is not my thing and the sound of little quail bones breaking disgusts me.  I'll just eat, thanks.
We majorly cleaned/organized our house which is LOVELY!
I barely worked out and didn't really mind my diet.  The damage was only 2 pounds gained and I can handle that considering how much I've lost.
Tomorrow starts Part 2 of my ass-kicking regime because it is the half way point from ball season to ball season, and by the way,I am that obsessed with ball and I now have 4-5 months to lose the other 20 lbs so I can turn those triples into in the park homeruns!
Speaking of ball, props go to my hubby for getting me the best Christmas present ever....tickets to the Jay's season opener in April.  Man, does he ever know me well!  On top of it, I'm going to be dragging along my good friend, Jordan for some quality girl ball time.  Can't wait!

So that's it.
Today is our last day at home as a family before Dan goes back to work.   Lots of good things coming in 2012 so I'm not too sad to see this break over !
Here are some of my favourite pics of the holidays.
Happy Monday!
Love having Josh home!~

Lamb, yum!

Matching sweaters. Not even on purpose

New Christmas tradition: Family photos
Willis loving his Uncle Rob



Cooking class
Catching up with Alicat, who conveniently lives acrossish the street from my parents


  1. Awwwww love you Dee! Great to see you! No matter how short our visits may be sometimes, they are always sweet and good for the soul. Mwha! xo Ali

  2. You are WAY too cute in your hat and jacket in the last picture!


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