3 purple lies

something new. 2012 edition

Today I ventured out to Sephora to indulge in a makeover & gift card spending, courtesy of Sara.  They have a sweet setup, much similar to places like Mac and Clinique, where you get a makeover for free when you spend x amount of dollars from a giftcard.

Win, win if you ask me.

I decided that I would try the Temptu  airbrushing system which is highly acclaimed and recommended and even used by some of the Bachelor contestants whose style I've adored (Emily and Michelle).  The system was originally used in the movies for airbrushing.  In fact it was Temptu that turned the chick blue in X-men.

I learned a lot today! 
If you are ever in the market for a makeover at Sephora, I highly recommend Blaine. She was fantastic.  She is knowledgeable, friendly and  I felt comfortable with her from the start.  She is easily somebody I would be friends with.

Anyway, back to my learnings......
We started with the Temptu which gives incredible coverage and doesn't feel like I was even wearing foundation.  It's a little spraying machine that does foundation, blush, bronzer and illuminationizers.  Which isn't a word.  But whatever.
This is definitely now on my wishlist.  In fact, I got the makeup done at 1 and at 9 pm, after having rough-housed with the kids, made supper, cleaned bathrooms and even vacuumed and I still looked the same at 9 as I did at 2.  Love it.
After my foundation/blush and bronzer she did my eyes and eyebrows.  She taught me some different techniques and tried some makeup that I had never even heard of.
Some things that I'll be trying today are:
- bronzing in the E3 zone as opposed to the T zone.
- Pack and tapping my brushes before applying makeup.
- How to use cake liner and lash lacquer to get a look I've never tried before.

All in all it was a fantastic experience and I was quite happy to learn some new techniques and try some new colours that I've never used before.
Definitely recommended by moi.

 Here is the before and after.