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Sometimes I can get so caught up in my nightly routines.  So caught up, in fact, that if one little change happens, it can completely throw me through a loop.
The nights/days that I'm alone are down to a T and I have it perfected to an art.
The kitchen needing to be tidied before bed (a mess in the morning cramps my style) ..
to the coffee being ready, just needing the button to be pushed,
to my lunch made and ready to transfer to car,
to the precious minutes I have before a child wakes up in order to make myself look professional.  I still haven't spent more than 10 minutes doing my hair, let alone actually straightening the entire head. We'll work on that.
to the time I need to be feeding the kids breakfast in order to not be late,
to the bags needing to already be in the vehicle the night before (because how fun is it trying to get out the door in one piece with all the extra baggage)  Now isn't that a metaphor for life....
to the time I need to leave my house in order to get Lucia to Kyla's and Willis to Diane's so that I can make it in time to work early enough to sit down and actually get some work done (because I know now that the only time I'll get work done is before school/during my 1st prep)

I could go on.
The past couple nights have been interesting. My school life is kinda on a different schedule now that we're in finals.  What the main difference is my nights not belonging to me.  Instead I have corrections.  I hate being behind on corrections.  During the school year, I can deal with it and it's never too big of a deal.  (Until the students start REALLY harassing you)  Finals, however, that is my deadline.  It NEEDS to be done.  So correcting I do.  It's kinda a nice change, but with one exam left, I'm mostly over it.

I wasn't very aware of the level that my routines were etched into my soul until my sister kept Lucia a couple nights ago because we had that kindergarten information night.
But she actually kept kept her, which meant, when I awoke Tuesday morning, sans daughter or husband (who was already off to Regina), I was blissfully aware that it was just Willis and I.
And I kinda enjoyed it, while missing my happy morning baby at the same time.
It was relaxing, I actually did my hair while Willis played on my bed.
It was easy, I didn't have to worry what I was forgetting or what I needed to do: I just did because I could.

It made me think that I'd win a freaking gold medal in the Olympics if I was still single.  Not too sure what it'd be for yet.  I'm just amazed at how much I've overlooked the simplicity of life at times.
I was sure happy to get my sweet baby back though, not gonna lie. Who wouldn't miss that smiling face:


  1. I wanna be just like you!!! You are literally superwomen!!!

    I can barely get my routine down and all I have to look after is me...Michael is farely self sufficient. Kudos to you - you are truely an amazing person.

    Have a great week!! P.S. we need to play ball gathering!


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