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I like to be busy in the same way that I also like to be bored: they each have their own unique convenience that keep me entertained during the week.
A couple weeks ago I decided my bedroom needed some sprucing up.  When we first moved into this house I was quick to update the otherwise boring decor.  It's been 4 years now and time to make our abode a little cozier.
Simons (my favourite french retailer) was having a sale after Christmas and it was perfect time to get a couple things to compliment what I had originally done.
I am absolutely in love with this space and seriously can't wait until I can retire to my cozy bed to read for the evening.
Check out my before, after and afterer pictures:

When purchased: 
 March 2008:

 January 2012:


  1. I knew you loved shoes. I knew you had a lot of them, but I seriously did not know you had THIS many!

    Room looks great.


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